2010-2011 President's Report

Donors to the Foundation

The following people made gifts to the Covenant College Foundation during the 2010-2011 fiscal year. The foundation supports the work of Covenant College by funding an array of priorities, including student scholarships and programs.

The recognizes those persons who have made gifts to Covenant College for five or more consecutive years.


Scott and Becky Allen

Brad and Wendy (Strassner '78) Allison

James and Marie Alston

Bradley ('81) and Cathryn Auffarth

Robert and Ann Avis

Brian and Jamie Baker

Caroline M. Bartusch

Richard and Jane Baxter

Vance and Jenny Bell

Joel ('62) and Carol (Jackson '71) Belz

Bob and Heidi (Hinkson '94) Bethel

Thomas and Mary Anne Bradford

Gene and Joy Branham

Frank and Dottie Brock

John and Ann Bryant

David and Karen Byers

Todd Carlisle

Andrew and Kathy Coats

Harry and Carolyn Davis

John and Florence DeBardeleben

Tim and DeLynn Dindoffer

George ('72) and Sheryl (Cross '72) Farquhar

James and Jeanie Gibson

Victor and Bette Hanson

Victor and Mary Hanson

Bradley ('70) and Kathy (Neal '71) Harris

J. Thomas and Annie Lou Holton

Rick and Sandee Hooper

Zachary ('06) and Heather (Burdette '06) Hubbs

David and Karen Jolly

James and Judy Jolly

Mac and Susan Kelton

Lee and Cindy Kinnebrew

Sid and Judy Landers

William and Gail (Umbreit '71) Moore

Martin and Susan Moore

Gordon and Diane Morehouse

Randy and Suzanne Mosteller

Elbert and Marilyn Mullis

Charles and Emma Neal

John and Terri Neal

H. and Karen Neff

Niel and Kathleen Nielson

Donovan and Susan (Thomas '76) Riley

Timothy and Christine Ritchie

Donald and Ruth Rittler

Steve and Tina Saville

Renny ('99) and Margaret Scott

Jack and Dot Sharpe

Betty Shipmon

Stephen ('85) and Mary (Lutz '85) Smallman

Sam and Donna Smartt

Clark and Becky Smith

John and Sandra Smith

Thomas and Margaret Stewart

Priscilla Strom ('72)

Dr. and Mrs. William V. Whitaker

Bruce and Mary Williams

Larry and Connie Winter

John and Melissa Wood

Robert and Lisa Wood

Robert and Linda Woodard

Glenn and Jennifer (Beall '80) Woodruff

Donne Wright

J. Allen and Cecilia Wright

Joe and Nanette Yarborough


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