2010-2011 President's Report

Donors to Restricted Funds

Some donors designate their gifts for certain funds, such as scholarships, athletics, and academic enrichment programs, to name a few. Covenant greatly appreciates the support these donors offer for particular areas of the College.

The recognizes those persons who have made gifts to Covenant College for five or more consecutive years.

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Jessie Abbot

William and Gail (Kern '58) Barker

John ('88) and Donna (Hokrein '89) Bates

James and Marie Bean

Andrew ('77) and Mary Anna (Bullock '78) Belz

Joel ('62) and Carol (Jackson '71) Belz

Nathaniel ('75) and Melinda Belz

Phillip ('89) and Ellie Biber

May Bird

Curran ('02) and Abigail (Hudson '02) Bishop

Daric and Michelle Bossman

Fletcher Bright

Rebekah Brightbill ('04)

Frank and Dottie Brock

William and Lynn Burdette

John and LaVon Buswell

J. Render ('69) and Linda (Jackson '69) Caines

Mary Caines

William and Joan Chapin

Nicholas and Jo Anne Clark

Brian and Kimberlee (Venema '87) Crossman


Judy Davis

E. Allen ('58) and Sharon Duble

Troy ('93) and Sarah (Howlett '97) Duble

Bill and Mary Earnest

John and Virginia Elsen

Kenneth and Terry Elzinga

Mort and Ruth Feder

Allen and Glenda Fellows

Thurman and Julie Fields

Stephen ('73) and Patricia (Nyenhuis '72) Fikkert

Kevin Foster

Greg Freeman

Ned and Elizabeth (Buswell '75) Stortz Futoran


Nelson ('78) and Naomi Hard

Bradley ('70) and Kathy (Neal '71) Harris

Robert and Barbara Hayward

John and Carolyn Hershey

David ('68) and Barbara (Johnson '90) Hoover

John and Marilyn Horst

Gary and Karen Hotham

Zachary ('06) and Heather (Burdette '06) Hubbs

Cy and Nancy Huffman

Henry ('96) and Melissa (Cash '93) Huisman


John and Barbara Jazesf

Lawrence and Janice Johnson

Brendon and Rachel (Miedema '09) Johnson

Thomas and Cathy (Pierce '69) Jones

Ronald ('78) and Terri ( '80) Jones

Gary and Doreen (Degel '71) Kimball

Ken and Laurie Klett

Jeffery and Patricia Klinger

Martha (Davis) Korkie ('98)

Andrew and Deborah (Curry '07) Lancaster

Philip ('72) and Pamela (Queathem '71) Lancaster

Laura Layer

Dorothy Lemmon

John and Grace Long

Esther Luna


Frank and Lucy Maricondi

Tyler and Mary Martin

James and Mildred McDade

Rhonda McEwen

Kim and Dorenda Melton

Keith and Lois Mitchell

Jerry ('71) and Linda (Mossbarger '71) Moore

Lucile A. Moore

Seth Morgan ('09)

Kevin and Renee Napier

W. Herbert and Elizabeth (Conn '81) Neikirk

Jeffrey and Caroline Neikirk

Niel and Kathleen Nielson

Ruth Noe

Jason Ogle ('04)

Jean and Doris Owens


Kenneth and Diane Parham

Tucker ('84) and Rebecca (Emmons '82) Pennington

Barbara Peters

Charles and Deborah (Stewart '78) Phillips

Ethan and Joyce Pien

Steve and Dolores Pierce

Vernon and Marie Pierce

Earl and Marion Pinckney

Eugene and Janice Potoka

Scott and Betty Probasco

Martin Prott

Scott and Deborah Rassi

Robert and Shirley Ream

Clayton Robinson


Jeffrey ('92) and Sandra Sandhoff

Tom and Karen (Pierce '68) Sandhoff

Kristen Sandhoff ('98)

Todd and Kristen Sandhoff

Justin Schlueter

Collyn Schmidt

Alva and Nancy See

Luke and Tracey Shannon

Dorothy Shipley

Alexander ('04) and Rachel (Wright '04) Silva

Fran Simmons

Tami Smialek ('81)

Jane Smick

Theresa Smick

Michael and Erin Stanley

Arthur and Alberta Stoll

Frank and Joyce Taylor

J. Mark and Linda (Laverell '69) Tedford

Oliver ('72) and Anna Trimiew


Henry ('78) and Becky (Hamilton '79) Vierling

Louis and Audrey Voskuil

Rebecca Wammack ('09)

Richard Watson

James Weldon

Lance and Julie Wescher

David and Peggy Weston

Sarah Widercrantz

Ron and Jean Yancey

John and Evelyn Zeher

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