2010-2011 President's Report

Advancement Highlights

While this was not a "banner year" for fund-raising anywhere, we at Covenant enjoyed the blessing of faithful partners who stood with us in remarkable ways, so that needs were met and many opportunities realized. I am very, very grateful for our advancement team, who serve both the College and our donors well.

  • Church giving improved over the previous year, and church participation in our Church Scholarship Promise program rose to a record high;

  • Several gatherings with church leaders helped us refine our approaches to our church relations efforts;

  • While alumni giving fell, our alumni office continues to build connectivity and strengthen relationships through alumni gatherings, communications, and service.

  • The alumni office worked closely with the Center for Calling & Career to develop employment networking opportunities for students;

  • Marc Erickson '92 was hired as the new executive director of the Covenant College Foundation;

  • The BUILD campaign has completed six years toward its eight-year goal. In 2010-2011, $272,000 in new pledges and $2.2 million in new gifts were added to the total. Current commitments in pledges and gifts to the campaign have reached a total of $49.7 million toward our $53 million goal.
      Campaign Goal Gifts through June 30, 2011
    Covenant Fund $17.6 million $13.7 million
    Capital Projects $28.9 million $25.2 million
    Endowment $6.5 million $6.8 million

    * The College has received $3.9 million in restricted gifts during the BUILD campaign.

    2010-2011 Fiscal-Year Giving  
    Covenant Fund $2,070,021.61
    Restricted Funds $628,501.78
    Capital Projects $1,116,770.53
    Endowment $219,730.86
    Total $4,035,024.78


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