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Facilities Crew

Spring 2021 Reopening

On this page you will find the most current planning for the reopening of Covenant College for the spring semester. The theme of community is central to our preparation. Reuniting in this special community drives our planning, and the protection of this community motivates our compliance. Impeding the spread and flattening the curve of infections is not a one-time event. Until a vaccine is available to the entire community, constant vigilance is required from all of us. Our plans are continually reevaluated according to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Infection (CDC), the American College Health Association (ACHA), and the evolving guidelines from state and local health officials. In addition, regular tracking of local infection rates and current capacities of local hospitals will be critical in determining what restrictions to increase or decrease moving forward.





The plan to reopen centers around the following priorities:

  • Protection of the most vulnerable
  • Safety and well being of all students and employees
  • Residential delivery of courses with accommodations for remote learning
  • Closest approximation as practicable of the Covenant experience


Five Pillars

In order to support these institutional priorities, five pillars of response have been identified that when consistently enacted together provide a pathway for reopening Covenant College. These five pillars are:

All students are required to screen daily for symptoms in an effort to catch potential infections as early as possible and reduce potential spread. Students who answer yes are to contact Health Services (M-F 8a-5p) or the RD on Duty (after hours) immediately for directions.
Screening and Testing
All members of the community are to observe meticulous adherence to public health practices including frequent handwashing, proper respiratory etiquette, and wiping down equipment and workstations.
  • Please stay at least six feet apart from others as normal practice.
  • While gathering for meetings, conversations, etc., maintain six feet of separation
  • Eliminate nonessential physical touch.
All individuals on campus are required to carry a face mask at all times and be ready to put on when required. Best practice remains that face coverings are most effective when combined with physical distancing, regular screening, and hygienic care.
Culture becomes incredibly important for maintaining the level of vigilance needed to sustain these protective measures and prolong the semester. Even more, culture is critical for developing healthy practices and permission to address one another in love as brothers and sisters in Christ.


Each pillar has its own challenges, but each is absolutely essential. All five responses must be implemented simultaneously and continuously to achieve the priorities while impeding the spread and allowing for maximum containment.



If you have any questions about the reopening process, please let us know: