Strategic Plan: 2009-2012

In the spring of 2009, Covenant College adopted a three-year strategic plan to advance the College's founding mission. Covenant's mission informs every aspect of the plan. The College's motto, mission, core beliefs, and the four strategic trajectories of this plan are stated below. Many stakeholders were involved in the yearlong development of the strategic plan, and their names also are listed. 



In all things Christ preeminent



The mission of Covenant College is to explore and express the preeminence of Jesus Christ in all things. We educate Christians to engage culture and cultures, to examine and unfold creation, and to pursue biblical justice and mercy in community. With the student-faculty relationship at the foundation, our Christ-centered community seeks to help students mature in three primary areas:

  • Identity in Christ
  • Biblical frame of reference
  • Service that is Christ-like

We offer the world biblically grounded men and women equipped to live out extraordinary callings in ordinary places.


Core Beliefs

  • Confession:  We affirm our Reformed historic roots.
  • Calling:  We value our specific calling for teaching, mentoring, and learning, and for joyfully celebrating and stewarding the gifts and callings of our students.
  • Creation & Culture:  We affirm the value of God's creation and its development in and through human cultural forms.
  • Church:  We embrace the communities of faith in which we do our work and will serve the church through our academic mission.
  • Community:  We value God's covenant faithfulness to us and his calling on us to be faithful to him and to one another in a primarily residential community.

Strategic Trajectories

  • Academic Program: Educate and Connect
    We will strengthen and develop programs that educate from our missional distinctives, connect with the world, and create pathways to lifelong callings.
  • Learning Environment: Enrich and Prepare
    We will create an environment of holistic living and intercultural competence that reflects the gospel, enriches our educational experience, and prepares students to work and serve globally.
  • Connections & Communications: Engage and Inspire
    We will engage and inspire others to join our mission by cultivating strategic partnerships and telling our story with clarity.
  • Operations & Resources: Steward and Grow
    We will steward and grow our operations and resources to fortify our mission and achieve our vision.

Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Niel Nielson (president)

Wallace Anderson (vice president)

Troy Duble (vice president)

Jeff Hall (vice president)

Aaron Messner (chaplain)

Jim Jolly (trustee)

Joel Belz (trustee)

Steve Briggs (trustee)

Gwen Macallister (faculty)

Tim Morris (faculty)

Paul Morton (faculty)

Jerry Wenger (faculty)

John Bates (staff)

David Northcutt (staff)

Tami Smialek (staff)

Kathryn Kimball (student)

Ben Loderhose (student)

Megan Owens (student)

Tabitha Kapic (facilitator)

Beth Bailey (secretary)


Strategic Planning Working Committee

Render Caines (trustee)

Duncan Highmark (trustee)

Brian Fikkert (faculty)

Jay Green (faculty)

Alicia Jackson (faculty)

Jeff Morton (faculty, chair)

Rebecca Pennington (faculty)

Scott Quatro (faculty, chair)

Mike Rulon (faculty)

Ginner Hudson (administrative faculty)

Tad Mindeman (administrative faculty)

Brad Voyles (administrative faculty)

Jen Allen (staff)

Marjorie Crocker (staff)

Roy Heintz (staff)

Marshall Rowe (staff)

Claudia Canales (student)

Lydia Jones (student)

Will Kendall (student)

Becky Wammack (student)

Richard Feero (alumnus)

Matthew Gillikin (alumnus)

Beth Nedelisky (alumna)

Rebecca Painter (alumna)

Renee Wilkins (parent)


Strategic Plan Evaluation Group

Brad Voyles (student development)

Sarah Ocando (admissions)

Kathryn Kimball (student senate)

Roy Heintz (athletics)

Tami Smialek (enrollment)

Tom Schreiner (auxiliary services)

Jen Allen (communications)

John Bates (development)

Marshall Rowe (alumni relations)

Rebecca Painter (alumna)

Matthew Bryant (church relations)

David Northcutt (facilities management)

Christiana Fitzpatrick (chapel)

Marjorie Crocker (technology)

Kevin Eames (institutional research)

Tad Mindeman (library)

Scott Quatro (philosophy of education)

Becky Pennington (philosophy of education)

Bill Davis (philosophy of education)

Bruce Young (curriculum committee)

Brenda Rapier (financial aid)

Rodney Miller (records)

Renee Wilkins (parent)

Duncan Highmark (board of trustees)