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Chapel Attendance and Exemption Overview


  • Chapel attendance is mandatory for all full-time students and is a graduation requirement
  • Students swipe their student ID cards (or sign in with a chapel worker if a card is missing or not working) upon entering chapel in order to receive credit. No credit will be given to students who arrive more than five minutes late or who leave before the conclusion of chapel at 11:35 am
  • All full time students are allotted chapel absences equaling 20% of the total number of required chapels (this usually equates to 8 skips/semester) These absences are to be reserved for planned and unforeseen conflicts (which includes sickness).
  • The use of electronic devices is prohibited during all chapels. If a chapel office worker or any staff member sees you on your electronic device your chapel credit for that day will be taken away.
  • Students who miss more than their allotted number of absences during a given semester will be required to complete chapel summaries in order to fulfill their chapel credit requirements. For the first five summaries there will be a 250 word minimum requirement; the sixth through the tenth summary will have a 500 word minimum requirement; and the eleventh summary and beyond will have a 1000 word minimum requirement.
  • Chapel summaries are considered part of your academic work at the college, and are therefore subject to plagiarism rules found in the Student Handbook (p. 23).


Semester Exemption

A Chapel Exemption Form can be found here and must be submitted during the first three weeks of the semester. Please note that you have to turn a form in each semester that you wish to be exempt and you will not be given credit for past chapels if you don’t turn your form in on time.

  • Employed Full-Time (25-40 hrs/week)
  • Commuter Student with only Afternoon and Evening Classes
  • Fulfilling a Required Student Teaching Assignment
  • Parent Living With Child(ren) at Home
  • Off-campus internship during the Chapel period


Exemption for a Particular Chapel

We do not give chapel exemption for individual absences. Sickness, doctor’s visits, etc. are considered to be a part of your 8 built-in skips. We do give reduced credit to students who meet the following qualifications:

  • Sick or absent due to extenuating circumstances for a week or more, we give back 80% of the total number of chapels they missed.
  • If a student athlete misses chapel due to a conflict with their athletic team’s schedule, we give them back 80% of the total number of chapels they missed due to their athletic responsibilities.


Athlete’s accounts will be automatically adjusted. If you meet the above qualification due to sickness or extenuating circumstances, please email within 15 days of your absence.