Core Team


Alec Burriss

Alec Burriss ’19



Hedgesville, WV


Favorite part of Orientation

Engaging with new students




Annie Minton

Annie Minton ’18



Macon, GA


Favorite part of Orientation

The O-Show is always my favorite part of orientation. I love seeing everyone's different ideas and watching creative juices flow on stage.




Molly Lattner

Molly Lattner ’19



Birmingham, AL


Favorite part of Orientation

I love Chattanooga night! We get a chance to introduce our new students to the amazing city they will be living in for the next four years! Also, Orientation Week culminates in the O-Show, one of the greatest showcases of the talent and humor found on Covenant's campus.


Promotional video released by the Chattanooga, Tennessee Visitors Bureau.
Faculty, staff, and current students welcomed incoming Scots to campus with cheers and helpful hands.