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Student Profile: Evan Lecksell '19

Evan Lecksell


Class Year


Annapolis, MD






Residence Hall and Floor
Maclellan Hall, Sutherland


Favorite place on campus
I have a more or less secret spot on one of the trails with a beautiful view where I love to sit, listen to music, read, and pray.


Why did you choose Covenant?
I had a few friends who at the time were attending Covenant, and so I agreed to come visit the campus to get a feel for the atmosphere of the college. I didn’t quite fall in love, but I could definitely imagine myself going to school here. I applied only to Covenant and Grove City, and since my best friend had decided on Covenant and since Covenant responded to my application before Grove City, I went with Covenant.


Did you visit Covenant as a high school student? If so, how did that visit impact your decision to attend Covenant?
I visited Covenant once as a high school student, in my Junior year. It wasn’t on a preview weekend and I was shown around the campus by a couple of my good friends that were at the college, and so I think I had a more realistic look at the college than what most previewers experience. It was definitely much easier to see myself attending Covenant after having been on campus and sitting in on a couple classes and it made the decision to attend much less daunting.


How is Covenant unique?
In my very limited experience, I think that Covenant is unique in the people that you’ll interact with. In just under two semesters, I have met so many people that dearly love Jesus and are eager to rejoice and weep with me. I know that not every student has found someone that they can trust and that deeply cares for them, but I also know that there are plenty of students to be found who are powerfully loving and caring and who are willing to hear anyone out about anything they need to talk about. Covenant is not a sanctuary, and people here are not immune to broken relationships, anxiety, depression, and the like, but you can always find people who would love to walk with you, laugh with you in your joy, and sit with you in your sorrow. My experience is limited, but in my time here, Jesus’ love has been manifested to me through so many of my friends and I’m so thankful to him for that.


Describe Covenant in three words.
Weird, beautiful, family.


What has been your favorite experience at Covenant?
Early in my first semester, a group of my new friends and I drove down Scenic Highway, picked gourds by the baseball fields, and sat as we watched a magnificent and strangely calming sunset. It excited me to think about what other little adventures I would have with my new friends. I look back on that day as the beginning of a lot of strong relationships I’ve been fortunate enough to make just within the first two semesters.


What is your favorite class so far?
I’m really interested in my Introduction to Literary Studies course. It is the first class I’ve had that actually got me excited about poetry, and if you have to have class at 8 a.m., Dr. Barham is the best professor to transition you from being asleep 5 minutes ago to being energized and excited about what you study. Dr. Barham’s love for literature is contagious, and you find yourself happily engaged in types of literature you never thought you would care about.


What makes hall life at Covenant unique?
I was fortunate to have a room of exceptional juniors and seniors in the room just across the hall from me who have defined hall life for me. They are incredibly Godly and loving guys and make me feel at home when I’m on the hall. But I think in general, hall life is like if you were to go to a hotel with your friends. You would play hide and seek, hang out in the pool, and stay up late in each others’ rooms. It’s basically that kind of thing for 9 months.


What person at Covenant has had the greatest impact on you, and why?
I don’t think I can quantify my friends’ impact on me enough to say that one has had the most impact, but Ian Webb is certainly up there. He lives across the hall from me, and has been a role model for me this year. He has an incredible ability to be the goofiest, most fun person you have ever met, and yet be the one to sit with you to pray and talk deeply about your hurt. He (often unknowingly) reminds me that sometimes in life we have to lean in and let it hurt, and sometimes we need to watch stupid TV shows and talk about soccer in really bad British accents. His deep love for Jesus honestly encourages me to study more about Him and to pray more with Him. He makes me eager to seek God’s face and to be an instrument of His peace.


How is Covenant preparing you for life after graduation?
Though this is a relatively insignificant example, it is most relevant to me. I’m planning on taking Introduction to Teaching next semester, which entails a practicum in which I’ll assist teachers down the mountain once a week. Right now, my plan is to teach High School Literature after I graduate, but I haven’t had much experience in that sort of position, so it eases my mind that I’ll be able to try it for a semester before having to decide if I really want to teach or not.


How is Covenant equipping you for active membership in the church?
I’m taking the church to mean the people of God here, and not just the extremely localized and denominationalized meetings that happen on Sundays. In that regard, Covenant has definitely helped me be a more active member of God’s family. You can’t escape from people at Covenant. The campus is too small and you have to know too many people. This year it has been hard for me, as an introvert, to acclimate to hall life, since there are almost always people around who want to be with you. But what I have learned is that you never quite know who needs a friend or what is happening in your friends’ lives. And so even though a lot of the time I would not otherwise have been there for a friend who needs help, the dynamic of hall life almost forces you to love the people around you. This year, I’ve had to meditate on what it means to die to yourself and what I’ve had to let go of for the sake of my dear friends and siblings with Christ.