Student Profile: Jay Finlayson '17

Jay Finlayson


Class Year


Ashville, Florida




Residence Hall and Floor
Carter Hall, Borderlands


Favorite place on campus
Either the gym or my hall.


Why did you choose Covenant?
I felt as if Covenant was a place where I could grow as a student, and gain knowledge about the business world from phenomenal instructors who also share a Christian worldview. I also believed that this would be a place that would push me to grow in my faith, and to be more Christ-like in my daily life.


Did you visit Covenant as a high school student? If so, how did that visit impact your decision to attend Covenant?
I visited Covenant as a senior in high school, and that visit played an instrumental role in my decision. When I visited Covenant the first thing I noticed, granted that it is nigh impossible to miss, was the beautiful campus. Soon after, I was able to meet and interact with many truly beautiful people who really impressed me. The people of Covenant gave me the impression that they really do try to live out the motto of the college by making Christ preeminent in all things.


How is Covenant unique?
Covenant is a unique college in nearly every way. Covenant is located on top of a mountain, is filled with students from all over the world, is very academically tough, yet also athletically competitive; but most importantly Covenant has a very serious dedication to and respect for the Christian faith and Reformed tradition.


Describe Covenant in three words.
Challenging. Intentional. Community.


What has been your favorite experience at Covenant?
It’s difficult to pick one of the many great experiences I’ve had at Covenant, but I think that my favorite experience has been winning the Highland games my sophomore year. My friends wanted me to be on their team for Highland games, and I agreed to join them on the condition of using my family’s Scottish clan name: McRae. This made it that much cooler for me, and now my family’s clan name is engraved on the plaque in the Blink!


What is your favorite class so far?
Principles of Finance. This class was taught by my favorite professor, Dr. Dodson, and in this class we began to learn about different things that are practical to running a business and that we alluded to freshman year. It was exciting to see how far we’ve come through just a few year’s classes, and also to think about how much more we still have to learn. Also, Dr. Dodson is the man.


What makes hall life at Covenant unique?
My freshman year we had thirteen freshman, and we all really enjoyed being together. We had a lot of athletes, so we loved games and competition, we spent countless hours discussing and debating nearly everything under the sun, and just had fun together. We also had over 10 countries represented by the people on our hall, which was really interesting and fun for a farm boy from the middle of nowhere. My favorite part about my experience on Borderlands was the way that everyone was consistently striving and pushing each other to better oneself and grow closer to the Lord.


What are some things you enjoy about your major?
I really enjoy learning about managing money and people. I find financial analysis really intriguing, and while I’m not a huge math guy, I have no problem with numbers if they have dollar signs in front of them. I also enjoy knowing my professors in the department, and knowing that they are preparing me well for this field. It is really encouraging to me as a student to be able to know the progress I am making and that I am really learning.


What person at Covenant has had the greatest impact on you, and why?
Bruno Komel has been a roommate, hall mate, roommate again, and a friend that is closer than a brother to me in my time here. I’ve known him my entire time here, since day one, as we roomed together as freshman. We almost couldn’t come from more different backgrounds, and had we not been roommates we never would have gotten to know each other so well. It’s awesome to know that I have the friend of a lifetime who I can always count on, and who I never would have expected. It’s been really fun and challenging living with him, as we often have serious discussions about nearly everything, and our different backgrounds contribute to really pushing one another to think deeply about issues in a whole new light.


How is Covenant preparing you for life after graduation?
Covenant is giving me an excellent education and toolbox to enter into the business world, as well as helping me to cultivate beliefs, to always remember that Christ is in all things pre-eminent, and every “little c” vocation we enter into is a sacred calling.


How is Covenant equipping you for active membership in the church?
Covenant challenges us as young people, to face and address issues in the world. Covenant heavily emphasizes community, and encourages us to recognize everyone as God’s creation. With this worldview, we as the Church are well suited to go out into the world and engage the world as followers of Christ. Covenant does a great job of helping us engage the world and does not let us live in a little bubble on top of the mountain but encourages us to look around and see where we can have an impact in the world around us. We are daily learning to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to listen to the concerns of our fellow brothers and sisters, and to love them like Christ.