Student Profile: Jonah Carignan '18

Jonah Carignan


Class Year


Coral Springs, FL


Interdisciplinary Studies


Biology, Psychology, and Sociology


Residence Hall and Floor
Andreas, Bloodfield


Favorite place on campus
The baseball field


Why did you choose Covenant?
I knew a good amount of people from my high school that went to Covenant and they always told me how great of a school it was. I was also offered the opportunity to play on the baseball team. So it is the best of both worlds because I can be challenged academically and I get to play the game I love.


Did you visit Covenant as a high school student? If so, how did that visit impact your decision to attend Covenant?
I visited once for a baseball camp and then once for scholarship weekend. The visits opened my eyes to how great the college was, and how the student body prided themselves in community. I also got to see how beautiful the campus was, even though it was really cold during scholarship weekend.


How is Covenant unique?
Covenant College is on top of a mountain, that is pretty unique. The student body has a general kindness about them, and from day one I always felt welcomed by the upperclassmen, and people I did not even know. This was evident in my life because of the baseball team and how welcoming all of the guys were.


Describe Covenant in three words.
Eclectic, Vivacious, Inclusive.


What has been your favorite experience at Covenant?
The baseball team had games during Spring Break, so we had to stay on campus for the majority of Spring Break. One afternoon, Kyle Delk asked me if I wanted to go off-roading, and then hike to a really cool waterfall. So, we took my jeep onto this trail through the wilderness, reached the end of the trail, and started our hike. All we knew about this waterfall was a little dot on Kyle’s phone. So we left trails, and proceeded to look for this waterfall for the next 2 hours. After hiking back to the highway, passing our beginning spot, and walking through streams, we finally found the waterfall. All of the hiking and getting scratched by thorny briars were worth it because it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.


What is your favorite class so far?
Christian Mind with Dr. Quatro. Dr. Quatro is an amazing professor that made our orientation process very easy. He was always open to questions that we had in class. He’d bring up a question in class, allow us to think about it overnight, and in the next class we’d talk about what we came up with. It drove me to dive deeper into the Word and different texts in order to understand PCA ideas that were completely new to me. Dr. Quatro and our entire class loves the movie, “Hot Rod,” so he’d quote the movie throughout class, and would always keep us engaged. He also loved hockey, and how he saw redemption in ferocious hockey fights. So that was really cool.


What makes hall life at Covenant unique?
Each hall has their own traditions, personalities, and stereotypes. Even the buildings themselves are unique. Each building instills a sense of family through various hall events, dates, and times in worship. Hall life is a great way to get to know a larger group of people on a more personal level.


What are some things you enjoy about your major?
My major is flexible enough that I can cover all of the prerequisite courses that I will need in order to get into Chiropractic School. I get to learn a little bit of everything!


What person at Covenant has had the greatest impact on you, and why?
Chief Morris is the man that has had the greatest impact on my time at Covenant so far. If you don’t know Chief, just know that he is the best boss on campus. I work on the grounds crew with Chief and the other members of Chief’s Crew. He has taught so much through my time working with him on the athletic fields. He has instilled a sense of family within our Crew, and always loves spending time with us whether it’s at lunch, at sporting events, or at church. He’s taught me many different things about life that I can take with me after graduation and into the workforce.


How is Covenant preparing you for life after graduation?
The difficulty of the classes will definitely prepare me for the rigor that will come with working. Covenant has allowed me to mature on a personal and spiritual level.


How is Covenant equipping you for active membership in the church?
It would be really easy to sleep in every Sunday, and technically you can, but at Covenant, going to church on Sunday morning is just the normal thing to do. It’s a time to worship and dive into the Word with a body of believers other than the students at Covenant. Covenant also teaches about the importance of service and involvement in the church. We experienced this right off the bat during Orientation Week, when we helped out at a local church for a couple of hours.