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Student Profile: Liz Daley '23

Liz Daley


Class Year


Where do you call home?
Columbia, SC




Why did you choose Covenant?
I always knew I wanted to go to a college that had an authentically Christian community. I’d heard that Covenant was one of those schools, but once I was actually on campus, I realized that being centered around Christ truly does impact everything at Covenant; students care for one another, faculty want to be a part of strengthening their younger brothers and sisters in Christ, and staff eat meals with students they have no requirement to get to know. There is so much godly discipleship, and I LOVE IT.


What aspect of Covenant do you like the best?
I love the cozy, growth-inducing environment. I came to Covenant with a lot to learn and, shocker, I'm a year in and still have a lot to learn. However, this community has been so conducive to growing and learning and becoming more like who Christ created me to be. I have friends and professors and staff members who are spurring me on to let go of perfectionism, learn to be present, practice sitting in God’s presence, and so much more. What makes it possible for me to have the courage to grow is knowing that when I fail, these people will be there to pick me up and get me back on my feet.


Which professor(s) has most impacted your thinking, and how?
Dr. Ward was my Old Testament and New Testament professor freshman year, and he impacted me in the way I view the Sabbath. He reminded our class that the God that raised Jesus from the dead is the same one that strengthens us to do our schoolwork in six days instead of seven. Dr. Ward pours into his students so intentionally and makes it clear that his door is always open, even when you simply need someone to listen to you.


What do you most enjoy about your major?
I love psychology because I am able to dive into why people work the way they do. My fellow psychology students have similar interests and desires for their futures, often surrounding how to care for people and learning more about the functions of the human mind, which makes for an exciting learning environment.


What do you hope to pursue after graduation?
I hope to become either a counselor or a pediatric psychiatrist.


How is Covenant preparing you for success in your calling?
Through the liberal arts education at Covenant, I have enjoyed learning about many different subjects while also honing in on psychology with professors that are well educated and passionate about what they’re teaching.


How is Covenant equipping you for active membership in the church?
Covenant is clear from your first day that they highly encourage you to get involved in a local church congregation. As soon as I had decided on the church I would attend, the faculty, staff, my mentors, and friends encouraged me to get involved in my congregation and lean on the body of believers there.


In what ways does Covenant foster spiritual growth?
Because of the nature of the faculty and staff at Covenant, I constantly come in contact with adults and upperclassmen who desire to pour into students and underclassmen, spiritually and emotionally. On top of this, I have been spiritually nurtured by the informal Bible studies and prayer groups that pop up around campus. I’m surrounded by believers who inspire me and push me towards Christ.


How does residence life add to/support your academic, professional, and/or spiritual development?
Residence life strengthens me and supports my academics through the drive that exists on my hall and the opportunity to study with roommates or hallmates. Hall life helps me professionally by connecting me with people who are going into all different professions and careers. This causes me to think outside of the box for the future. Finally, residence life helps me spiritually when we informally pray together as roommates or hallmates and in prayer and praise on Sunday nights when I am able to hear other girls’ testimonies.


How have your relationships at Covenant shaped your expectations for the other communities God will call you to in life?
My time at Covenant has taught me that no Christian community is perfect, but if there is care and love and a desire to push one another towards something higher, then you have found something wonderful. My prayer is that I won’t have to settle for anything less in the future.


What’s your favorite way to spend free time on and/or off campus?
I love the rich outdoor activities available at and around Covenant. During my time at Covenant, I have gotten to experience and enjoy climbing, camping, canoeing, caving, and hiking, and that is just in my first two years. It is so wonderful to have the opportunity to enjoy God’s creation in these ways.