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Student Profile: Natalie Northcutt '20

Natalie Northcutt


Class Year


Flintstone, Georgia




If you visited Covenant College, what first stood out to you about the community?
I loved that the community in the halls at Covenant felt like a home. I got to see different shared spaces in different buildings, but each space had a unique desire to create a comfortable living environment.


Why did you choose Covenant College?
I chose Covenant College because I knew so many alumni who loved their time at Covenant. They all spoke of Covenant’s Christian education preparing them for their future, rather than protecting them from the real world.


What aspect of Covenant College do you like best?
One aspect I love about Covenant is the accessibility of the faculty. I have been able to eat meals with any professor I have asked. These professors desire to meet with me whether it was to learn more about their field of study or just to get to know me better. There is no department division, and professors seek to care for their students.


What has been your favorite Covenant College event and why?
One of my favorite events is Jazz on the Overlook. There is a fantastic jazz band and swing dancing. There is no pressure to bring a date or know how to dance well, only to have have a genuine fun time. There are also delicious treats.


How does residence life add to/support your academic goals at Covenant College?
Residence Life at Covenant has supported my academic endeavors by giving me community to learn and grow in. Much of my theological and academic growth has happened out of discussion with other majors and students in the residence life community.


Which professors have most impacted the way you think and why?
Dr. Wescher is why I decided to become an economics major. He teaches many upper and lower division economics classes. I took an introductory course with him, and there was no aspect of economics that was separate from our role as Christians. I have also thoroughly enjoyed taking an introductory art class with Dr. Weichbrodt. My perspective of art as a Christian was necessarily shaped and grown throughout the class.


What do you most enjoy about your major?
My favorite part about being an economics major is real-life application. There were days in each economics class when we discussed how to make smart economic decisions without losing sight of how to care for real people. Every theory and graph is drawn back to the real-life questions of who will win or lose because of a certain policy change.


How is Covenant equipping you for post-graduation life in your area of study?
My economics degree will prepare me pursue multiple post-grad opportunities. If I want to go to graduate school, I will be very effectively prepared. If I choose to work for a non-profit or business, I have been equipped to work and collaborate, but also to do research and seek answers well.


Can you give an example of how the core classes affected your other classes?
Most often, I see my biblical studies classes affecting other schools of thought. When we truly study the Word and theology, we begin to understand just how deeply our God is ingrained in all we do. When I study in another class and the line of Christian involvement seems unclear, I have theology and scripture to turn back to.


How is Covenant equipping you for active membership in the church?
Covenant equips its students to be members in a church by creating an environment that reflects the body of Christ. The church is called to this endeavor, and Covenant offers things like chapel and Biblical core in order for us to learn what it means to be a part of this kind of community.


How have your relationships at Covenant shaped your expectations for the other communities God will call you to in life?
Covenant is theologically diverse in creating space for discussion and development. I feel prepared to enter communities which exist in non- religious spaces.


What’s your favorite way to spend your free-time on or off campus?
My favorite ways to spend free time are reading a book in a hammock, enjoying the sunshine, or watching a movie with friends.