Student Profile: Hannah Robinson '16

Hannah Robinson


Class Year


Renick, WV








Residence Hall and Floor
Founders, Highlands

RUF, JV Women's Soccer


Favorite place on campus


Why did you choose Covenant?
There were many things I was looking for in a college. Christian commitment, affordability, easy access to faculty, and good accreditation were all important to me and Covenant met all of these criteria. What really stood out to me when I was previewing, though, was the vibrant hall and classroom life I experienced on multiple weekends on campus. I didn't see that kind of community at the other schools I visited, and that is what pushed me to a final decision to continue my education here.


How is Covenant unique?
Covenant is unique because, unlike so many other private colleges, it actually functions as a Christian community instead of only having a Christian history or name. It’s clear that the administration, faculty, and staff are all dedicated to living out their faith and that makes Covenant stand out among other institutions.


What has been your favorite experience at Covenant?
There are so many different parts of campus life that it’s hard to pinpoint an all-time favorite, but I think it might be the overall experience of dorm life. My hall has been a wonderful place to grow with other girls, whether through late night talks in the commons, hall dinners, or de-stressing together after a long week. It is so beautiful to see such different people all living together. With problems, yes, but also a lot of love.


What is your favorite class so far?
Cultural Heritage of the West 1 with Dr. Davis


What made that class your favorite?
In addition to science, I also really love philosophy and the history of ideas. Dr. Davis is really good at conveying material and engaging his audience. He did an excellent job of showing why the histories of our modern ideas are important and also just made the class a fun experience. I think any professor who can make me excited to go to class at 8:00 a.m. deserves some sort of recognition.


What are some things you enjoy about your major(s)?
Learning hands-on through labs is probably my favorite part of being a science major. I like to see for myself how things work and doing dissections or running chemical reactions is a great way to reinforce what I've been learning. The professors here also do a great job of having labs line up with the material we cover in class, so it gives me more experience and a second way to approach the lecture content.


What person at Covenant has had the greatest impact on you, and why?
It’s too hard to try and pick just one person! I've been blessed with wonderful friends and professors, but if I had to narrow it down, I would say my RAs, Callie Dixon and Savannah Gorman, have had the biggest impact on me. Both of them have blessed me with their friendship as well as their leadership on the hall. Their daily walk with Christ inspires me and I'm so thankful that God placed them in my life.


What’s your favorite part of the day at Covenant?
I really love breakfast. I'm definitely a morning person and the walk up to the Great Hall with the sunrise and deserted campus has always been something I look forward to.


What are your post-graduation plans?
I am planning to enroll in the MAT program here at Covenant and get my teacher's certification for Biology and Chemistry. After that, I hope to teach science in a public high school, but at this point, only God knows if that will happen or where I will be.


How is Covenant equipping you for the future?
Covenant is a very rigorous school, and my classes are always challenging me to look deeper into the material and try to gain a better understanding of what is being taught. I'm also learning so much about my faith and what it means to be a broken Christian in a broken world. I'm thankful for the way that Covenant is helping to strengthen my walk with Christ and making me think about my own role as His image-bearer in whatever part of the world I find myself.