Student Profile: Stephen Seo '18

Stephen Seo


Class Year


Escondido, CA


Interdisciplinary Studies: Philosophy, Sociology, and History


Residence building and hall
Maclellan/Rymer Hall, Suburbs


Sports, video games, socializing, studying, playing/listening to music, and sleeping—ha!


Favorite place on campus
The overlook. You get priceless sunrises, it’s a dope place to contemplate on things and socialize.


Why did you choose Covenant?
For the community. I visited this school two years ago and got denied because I didn’t take my academic career in high school seriously enough. I thought that was going to be it, however God worked wonders two and a half years later. I was living in my own apartment and had a job, but I was failing at my community college. It was a difficult time for me because I was being consumed by the “party lifestyle.” It was spring break for Covenant College and my brother stayed at my pad for the time with his two best friends: Chris Destigter and Joe Randall. I was quite nervous and was afraid of being judged. Long story short, they met me where I was. I experienced a very tangible picture of what it means to be loved by Christ. By getting to know Chris’s best friends I can say that Jesus is real. And if my brother could find people like that at Covenant College, I knew I could find them as well.


How is Covenant unique?
Covenant is unique in the sense of its purpose. Christ is preeminent. So many students here on campus take their faith seriously, their calling as a student seriously, and yet still have fun. What more can I ask for?


Describe Covenant in three words
Imperfect, intentional, and interesting.


What has been your favorite experience at Covenant?
My favorite experience at Covenant has been learning how to love learning, haha. Due to this school’s rigorous academics, it has put me in many uncomfortable situations. Yet, being immersed in a Christ-like environment, God has used the teachers, students, and staff members to help me understand more what it means to love others like Christ and what it’s like being loved by Christ.


What is your favorite class so far?
My favorite class so far is Introduction to Philosophy with Dr. Davis.


What made that class your favorite?
A large part is because God has shaped my past in a way where I indulged in mindless activities, so experiencing the idea of thinking critically about life has been a wonderful blessing. God has used Dr. Davis’s gift of teaching, quirkiness, and precision to fuel that experience.


What makes hall life at Covenant unique?
Hall life is mainly unique because of the people God has brought to this campus. Of course there are traditions to participate in and residence life in general, but the people are the essence of what gives uniqueness to the hall. There are people who you click with immediately, others who you will just acquaint yourself with, and some who you won’t get along with at all. I’ve found each kind of person to be a blessing. God has used the people on my hall to show me areas in my life that I need to work on that I didn’t know existed, and sharpened areas in my life that I thought were already good. With such a heavy emphasis on the Gospel, I’ve been lifted up when I was down and brought down when I’m lifted too high up.


What are some things you enjoy about your major?
I get to study several disciplines rather than just one. I love the idea of being a “renaissance” man and I believe IDS (interdisciplinary studies) delivers exactly that. Learning to see the world through several different lenses like sociology, history, and philosophy has given me the opportunity to approach problems comprehensively and integrate Jesus Christ as the centerpiece, in whom I mirror my knowledge after. Furthermore, I love learning under Dr. Dennison aka Dr. D!


Who at Covenant has had the greatest impact on you, and why?
Oh, this one is easy. Joe Randall, hands down. Although I’ve only gotten to know him this past year, he has shown me so a lot of Jesus. When times were tough he came through for me. When I was happy about something, he was there to celebrate with me. When I needed wisdom, he gently, but intentionally gave. When I didn’t have enough money for something, he sacrificed generously for me. Like I responded to a question prior to this: because of how he lives, I know Jesus exists.


How is Covenant preparing you for life after graduation?
To look to the Lord for strength when life becomes overwhelming, or what many like to say: to keep “grinding.” To be joyful during difficult times. To work hard at the task at hand and enjoy yourself when it’s time to have fun. To appreciate the little things in life. To be a lover, listener, and learner. But the most significant way would be to critically think about this world, to see Christ as preeminent.

In Defense of Eschaton by Dr. William Dennison

Wipf and Stock recently published In Defense of the Eschaton: Essays in Reformed Apologetics, an anthology of essays by Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies Dr. William Dennison.

Haley Dempsey

"I love the diversity that I get with my major. Having three concentrations allows me to pull knowledge from broader areas of study to be more versatile. I love how well my concentrations fit together to fit my desire to work in America in the kitchens of non-profits. My major gives me the ability to take my passions and put them together in an integrated way."
 - IDS major Haley Dempsey '17