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Founders Hall

Founders Hall

Founders Hall is named after the Belz, Schmidt, and Rayburn families -- the original founders of Covenant College. Founders Hall's 240 residents are made up of five men's halls and five women's halls. In addition to the 11 four-person rooms in Founders, the vast majority of the rooms are traditional 12 x 12 rooms. The rooms in Schmidt and Rayburn wings all have their own sinks in their bedrooms. Rooms in the Belz are accessed by walking through the hall commons, which provides for maximum interaction. Bathrooms in Founders are located in the center of each hall and shared by all members of that floor.



Founders is known for being the place that always has something to do. Whether you want to play a game, watch a movie, or hang out in one of several common spaces, Founders hall has plenty of opportunities to mingle and make friends. If that's not enough, student leaders host a community building activity every weeknight in one of the main lobbies along with a few larger events throughout the year. For those who need a quiet place to study, there are multiple quiet study commons throughout the building.


While the building-wide community of Founders is strong, the individual halls and floors within Founders are some of the halls with the strongest identities on campus. Founders is home to men's halls of Catacombs, 1st Belz, Brethren, Ekklesia, and Blackwatch. The ladie's halls in Founders are made up of Highlands, Balcony, Gracewell, the Jungle, and Jubilee. With so many choices, there is a place for any type of person in Founders Hall.


Unique Amenities:

  • Media room complete with Surround Sound
  • Multiple group study areas
  • Huge game room complete with table tennis, foosball, and billiards
  • Huge recently updated main lobbies for socializing, studying, board games, or TV
  • Professionally cleaned community restrooms


Around Founders: In the fall semester, you will join fellow floormates to transform your hall into an emersive, themed walk-through experience. Residents and Alumni from across campus pack into Founders for the night of fun.  Recent themes include Myths, Legends, Folklore, and Movies.


FaLaLaLa Founders:  In the excitement of the Christmas season, Founders RAs host their annual Falalala Founders Christmas karaoke party.  Complete with food, decorations, and lots of laughter and cheer, this is a celebration you don't want to miss.


Founders Music Video Night: In the spring semester, each Founders hall creates a music video. The music videos are compiled and played for the audience and judged by a panel of faculty and staff members.   Check them out here.


Founders Fury Ping-Pong Tournament: Founders 2nd lobby holds the only game room on campus and has already had its first annual Founders Fury Ping-Pong Tournament.   This ladder tournament culminates in a championship match before the end of the fall semester.


Catacombs Folk Festival: Catacombs is a men's hall in Founders full of musical talent. Each spring they host a music festival that draws students from all across campus. You will have the opportunity to share your talent or just sit back and relax for a night of excellent music and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


The Foundies:  Throughout the year, individuals in the Founders Hall community start to stand out.  The Foundies is an annual event ceremony that seeks to honor residents of Founders Hall.  Leading up to the evening, residents of Founders Hall nominate several hallmates for various awards ranging from "messiest room" to "coolest socks" to "best dressed."