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Residence Hall Life at Covenant College

Hall Life

At Covenant, our welcoming family atmosphere is well known. And nowhere is that truer than in our residence halls, where you will join in celebrating the uniqueness of individuals and become a valued member of a dynamic community.


You’ll discover exciting, new experiences living in one of Covenant’s four residence halls. Not only will you join a close, supportive community of students, but you’ll find that each building has its own distinctive personality and each floor has its own identity and traditions.

Form Lifelong Friendships.

Your residence hall is more than a place to sleep and keep your stuff--it's part of your education while a Covenant student. It’s where you’ll meet your best friends and make some of your best college memories. Late-night talks, game nights, listening to music, watching movies, hall events and activities… these are just a few of the ways you’ll grow and learn together to make the most of life at Covenant outside of the classroom.


Receive Seasoned Guidance.

While you live in the residence halls you’ll have a Resident Assistant (RA), an upperclassman who lives on your floor and guides you through the transition to college life. Each hall/floor also is home to a member of the Orientation Team, whose mission is to make sure that all new students get the support, answers, and advice they need. All Residence Life staff focus on building a tightly-knit community in an educational atmosphere. They’re readily available to listen, answer challenging questions, and serve you.


Join in Spirit.

Discipleship Coordinators, assigned to each floor, lead Bible studies and look out for the spiritual development of other students on his or her floor. Hall Council representatives organize programs for your residence hall and often the entire campus community.


At Covenant, we’re a welcoming group of students, faculty, and staff who share a common bond—an overriding commitment to Jesus Christ in all aspects of our lives. You’ll discover a bigger family than you ever expected.


Download the Residence Hall Manual  

Hallie-Blair Quatro

“I believe that residence life is vital to the entire college experience, and I am blessed to have had an amazing and encouraging hall my first year at Covenant. My hallmates and the students here have a mature and healthy approach towards academics, and I have been reminded daily that you are first and foremost a student at Covenant. My hall and the residence life in Carter has encouraged me in many ways, especially in my academics, and has given me the space and time that I need to be able to do my best work each day.”
 - Hallie-Blair Quatro '21

Avery Patz

“I love hall life here! I’ve stayed on one hall (Harambe!, woot woot) for three years so far and have loved doing life with these ladies. Late night shenanigans, dance parties, prayer and praise, and outdoor study sessions are frequent, and these girls are the absolute best company for it!”
 - Avery Patz '22