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Maclellan/Rymer Hall

Maclellan/Rymer Hall


Maclellan/Rymer Hall ("Mac") houses around 200 students in four men's and four women's halls. Now entering its second decade of use, Mac offers a wide variety of unique amenities, hall personalities, and traditions to its residents -


  • From Mac Movie Night (a contest between the eight halls for Best Picture on original short films) to MAC (Music, Art, Coffee: a talent showcase for hall residents) to Mac study breaks (monthly parties where residents take a break from studying and enjoy food and fellowship), there's always a fun and competitive activity going on! Mac residents love to hang out with their brother/sister halls for laid-back fun times and often form formidable teams for intramural games.
  • The large kitchen commons in Mac are great places to cook, study, get a great view of the sunset (all the windows in Mac have pleasant views), play games, exercise, watch a movie...and did we mention cook? Full-sized refrigerators, stoves, ovens, and ample cupboard space along with couches and a big table make the commons feel like home.
  • As a Mac resident, you'll enjoy having the most floor space available on campus. Rooms are about 12' x 12' (two- or three-person occupancy) and are arranged in suites. Most suites are made up of a two-person room with a three-person room. A few are comprised of one two-person and one five-person room (12' x 20'). Suitemates share a large bathroom and central study room (about 12' x 9'.)


Whether you're musical, athletic, a serious student, a movie buff, into games, coffee, conversation, philosophical/theological arguments, art or service (or ballroom dancing...or Ultimate Frisbee!), you'll find friends in Maclellan/Rymer. We have it all - and the kitchen sink!