Student Apartments Residence Life Staff

Hannah Bloomquist
Hannah Bloomquist
Resident Director




Years worked at Covenant

Going on my second year!



Gilbert, Arizona


College(s) attended and degrees earned

Bible/ Theology & Women’s Ministry, Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL
Christian Formation and Ministry & Student Development, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL


Best residence life memory from my college days

ResLife at Moody was awesome! I was in a small group of 10 female RAs who pretty much served as my family. We were utterly ridiculous and had a blast chatting late at night, going on retreats, playing (friendly) pranks on our residents, praying together, and encouraging each other in a pursuit of holiness. Some of my favorite memories happened when we would do a yearly tradition of going on a group GYROFAD (get your roommate or friend a date) and would dress up in ridiculous outfits and go bowling or to karaoke, or roam the streets of Chicago.


Favorite way to spend a Saturday

Sleep in, meet up with friends for breakfast, thrift, explore a new place, coffee shop hop, and end it with going out to dinner and a movie.



Plans for the upcoming year

I plan to seek the Lord to the best of my ability and provide a hospitable space in Andreas where students can rest, have fun, grow in their faith, and encounter biblical community.


Favorite recreational activities

I love just hanging out with friends, reading and discussing theology, singing and playing music, doing art projects, baking, going to a classic car show, or simply watching a good movie.


What residents can expect

They can expect to be welcomed into a community that seeks to glorify God and love others well. They can expect to experience hospitality and a genuine desire to grow as the body of Christ through mentoring and discipleship, community events, and authentic relationships.


Best thing about my job

I love academia and getting to walk alongside students as they go through this transformational experience called college. I enjoy getting to be a part of students' lives as they grow more deeply in their relationship with God and image him more profoundly. I love being a learner among learners, attending and discussing lectures, going to college events and getting to encourage, support, and challenge students as they learn how to live out their faith more fully. I relish getting to practice hospitality and open my space for students to relax, eat good food, grow in community, and experience the gospel enacted.




Lydia Berglar
Hannah Lloyd
Resident Assistant






St. Louis, MO


Favorite Class

Professional Writing and Doctrine I. Every class I learned things that excited and challenged me, and the professors made it a privilege and a pleasure.


What the residents on my hall can expect

A place to learn how to live both independently and communally, as they prepare for life outside of college.


Kateland Godat

“It’s great to have a built in group of friends the moment you step on campus. Those girls are there for you from the very beginning. The upperclassmen are there for you in anything to help you out or show you around. I love my hall this year. We have all gotten super close, and I can count on them for anything. I remember sitting in a hall meeting and thinking how unconditionally this diverse group of girls loved each other and how hard a group like that is to find.”
 - Kateland Godat '19

Brittany Stout

“I love, love, love my hall! I met these girls my first week of school and each of them have had a continuing impact on my life in various ways throughout this year. My particular hall this year had a really cool range of ages and majors... This group of girls (most of them returners to the hall) have welcomed me in since day one and have made me feel so loved and included.”
 - Brittany Stout '18
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