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What if this Happened to Me While I’m a Student?

Ensure that you are safe

If you are in immediate danger, call 911. Get to a safe place and seek support from someone you trust.


If you are on campus, not in immediate danger, and do not wish to call the police, you can contact the Campus Safety and Security or call the RD on Duty.


Campus Safety and Security: 706.419.1209
After Hours:706.419.4105 (24/7 support)
Carter Hall Basement, Room 29
M-F 8:00 a.m.-4:30 a.m.


RD on Duty: 706.450.7001 (24/7 support)


The College will help any Covenant College community member to get to a safe place and will arrange for transportation to the hospital, coordination with law enforcement, and information about on- and off-campus resources and options for resolution.


Seek medical attention

Individuals with significant injuries should go to the closest emergency room.

Off campus specialists: Partnership for Families, Children and Adults
Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Hotline and Clinic
423.755.2700 (24/7 support)

* This is the recommended facility for survivors of sexual assault. The Partnership has nurses who are well trained in conducting the forensic exam (rape kit) for evidence collection. All services are free.


Preserve evidence

It is recommended to not wash, eat, drink, douche, clean, use the bathroom (if possible), or change clothes. Save evidence in a clean paper bag.


Report the incident

The next section, “How do I make a report?”, will detail various options for reporting the incident to local law enforcement, the school, or seeking confidential support on and off campus.


Seek support

There are multiple on and off campus resources and support systems available to you for ongoing support and care.


Any member of listed Title IX officers, Student Development, staff, or faculty are available for support of all students. These employees will connect you to next steps. While these members of our staff and faculty are not confidential, they will maintain individual’s privacy as much as possible and will support you throughout the process.


Lists of on and off campus confidential resources are listed in detail in this booklet under the section “Confidential Resources for Support”.