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Wireless Network at Covenant College

Wireless Network

Covenant College enjoy campus-wide wireless Internet access.


What is the Wireless Network?

A wireless network consists of access points that are connected to the network and send out radio waves to wireless adapters. Several access points are installed such that their signals overlap. The radio waves are transmitted at 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz and allow the computers (laptops, PDAs, etc) to connect to the network. Covenant is currently using architecture based on the 802.11AC/b/g/n wireless standards.


The wireless network at Covenant College is designed for use by students, faculty, and staff, with a focus on student use. It provides access to e-mail service, web browsing, and file transfer. The wireless network does not provide direct access to shared folders from our servers. Visitors may use the guest network upon request of a guest pass from our office.


What things are prohibited?

Only IT staff is permitted to install access points. The Apple AirPort Station for example, is NOT permitted on campus. This ban INCLUDES any wireless equipped Macintosh configured to act as an access station. Again, the adapter is permitted, but the access point or any wireless device acting as an access point is NOT permitted. Also, the use of ad-hoc wireless network is not permitted on campus, as these will interfere with the network.


How to Connect to Covenant’s Wireless Network

Connecting Your Device to Covenant’s Wireless Network
  • Connect to the network named "Covenant" and enter your username and password when prompted.
  • You may be prompted to accept the provided certificate for the authenticating server.

If your device does not support WPA2-Enterprise

The following option is available for devices that don't support the authentication protocol used by "Covenant":

If you know your device's wifi address, complete the Legacy "Open" WiFi Registration form. An e-mail will be sent to you with instructions on how to connect once the wifi address is entered into our system.

Your manufacturer should have directions for obtaining the wifi address for your device.

If you cannot find the wifi address, please stop by Mills 110 during business hours with your device to have it connected to the network.

Please note that we have found the Play Station 4s will connect to Covenant's wifi network but experience some latency issues in certain gaming situations.



To print documents from the wireless network, open a web browser and navigate to and click on Technology Support. Choose the Wireless Printing link on the left. You will be asked to log in with your Covenant username and password, select the printer, and upload the document you wish to print. Follow the directions on the page to complete the print.


Submitting a Request to Technical Support

You may submit a support request here. If you have a problem with wifi, filling out our wifi problems form with additional questions may help to get your issue resolved faster. For answers to common questions, visit our FAQ page.