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From the President

by President Niel Nielson, PhD


These are exciting days at Covenant College, with the prospect of a new president— Covenant’s sixth—who brings remarkable gifts and experience and love for the College to his new calling. You’ll read in these pages about Dr. Derek Halvorson, and you’ll agree with me, I’m sure, that God has marvelously equipped and prepared him to lead Covenant in this next phase of fulfilling its mission.


You’ll also read about God’s blessing in these last ten years, during which we’ve had, by God’s grace, a pretty good run! As Kathleen and I prepare to leave the College, we are so very grateful for the evidences of God’s provision in virtually every area: expanded academic and co-curricular programs, a growing faculty of outstanding scholars and teachers, strong enrollment, healthy finances and financial support, broader and deeper connections with external constituencies—all the signs of a vibrant, thriving college under the mighty and merciful hand of God.


This is the final introductory column I will write for The View. So it’s appropriate for me to take the opportunity to say a huge “thank you” to so many who have contributed to making these ten years a true treasure for Kathleen and me.

  • We are so grateful to you parents, whom we’ve had the privilege of welcoming to Covenant and getting to know throughout your sons’ and daughters’ college years. Thank you for giving us the joy of partnering with you in our shared intergenerational covenant calling.
  • We are grateful to Covenant alumni, who enthusiastically participate in many ways in the College’s life and mission. Thanks so much for promoting the College in your churches and communities and networks, thanks for your financial support, and thanks for your prayers.
  • We are grateful to the churches whose families we have been able to serve. Many thanks for the blessing of our common gospel calling to explore and express the preeminence of Jesus Christ in all things.
  • And we are grateful to so many donors who have honored the Lord and blessed Covenant through their financial stewardship, enabling the College not only to survive these recent years of economic challenge, but in fact to grow and extend the program and ministry to which we are called.


So we leave with much gratitude to the Lord and to all of you, and with much hope-filled prayer for what lies ahead for the College and for us. May God be pleased to provide every good and needful blessing for us all, and may you find continuing joy in supporting the wonderful ministry of Covenant College!