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Covenant Moms in Prayer

by Brian Beise


When Kelly Stevens brought her son to summer pre-orientation at covenant, she was excited, but also worried about this new season of parenting. “I knew that I was going to need the fellowship of other moms that had already experienced their child leaving home for the first time,” said Kelly.


On the way home, Kelly began to pray. “I thought, we need parents praying together on a monthly basis, and this could be formed by getting families together before the students leave for the fall semester.” Two days later, Mary Hoover Roberts ’84, another Covenant mom, stopped by Kelly’s house, and Kelly told her about her idea.


“Mary then told me that she had been praying for someone to lead a Covenant moms in prayer group with her. I told her, ‘Well, here is your partner.’” They gathered the contact information of interested moms, and the Covenant College Charlotte Area Moms in Prayer group was created.


The group has met monthly for two years. Lisa Boozer, Covenant’s volunteer coordinator, makes sure that they have a current list of faculty and staff, provides prayer requests from the College, and reminds the group of special events that need prayer.


“We seek to focus on prayer,” says Mary. “That is why we only have social time at two scheduled meetings. While we often stay after and visit, we seek to keep the prayer time protected.”


In the wake of her children leaving home, Kelly believes this group provided crucial support. “Just being able to pray with other moms and to see how the Lord works in so many ways has provided great strength,” she says. “I looked around at my fellow moms in our last meeting and was overwhelmed with thanksgiving to the Lord at his love and provision for us, his people.”