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Follow Jesus with Me - Covenant College View magazine Spring 2017

Follow Jesus with Me: Discipleship at Covenant

Every year, women in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) sponsor a love gift to a committee or agency in the PCA. This year’s Women’s Love Gift will support a new position in the Covenant College chapel department: a chapel associate for discipleship who will be uniquely positioned to disciple the young women of Covenant. Read on to hear from Chaplain Grant Lowe as he describes his vision for this new position and to hear from two of the young women who will directly benefit from this year’s Love Gift.



Tindol Pate '19

Tindol is the oldest of six children and is a pastor’s kid. After moving around for a number of years as her father completed seminary and followed his call as a pastor, Tindol settled with her family in Tuscaloosa, AL.

When looking back at her high school years, Tindol sees her relationships with her mom and dad as powerful discipling relationships. As someone who was homeschooled, she had the unique opportunity to live and study alongside her parents every day. This parental discipleship took many forms—from the example of her mom tackling the mundane elements of each day with faithfulness and an eye toward repentance to intentional conversations with her dad.

Today, Tindol is following her parents’ example as a resident assistant on her hall.

“I am really inspired by the concept of a person’s complexity,” says Tindol. “Each person has so much influencing them—they’re a convergence of their passions, their struggles, and their past experiences. In a discipleship relationship, you get a glimpse into all of those things and they get a glimpse into your complexity. Discipleship is knowing and being known, is coming alongside and bearing one another’s burdens.”

After graduation, Tindol would like to move to New York City and work in data analysis at a place like the World Bank or the Federal Reserve. Eventually, she would like to pursue graduate programs in economics.



Pooja Pall ’17

Pooja grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, and is the first person from her immediate family to study in the United States. Prior to coming to Covenant, Pooja attended a private high school where she was a religious minority—most of her classmates were Hindu or Muslim. Pooja’s parents and her involvement in New City Fellowship of Nairobi provided opportunities for Christian fellowship and discipleship during her childhood and teenage years.

Throughout her childhood, Pooja remembers her parents hosting Covenant College alumni in her home and she heard of Covenant through New City Fellowship. But it wasn’t until alumnus Randy Nabors ’72 came to her home and talked with her more about the College that she decided to apply. With Randy’s assistance, Pooja applied to Covenant and has flourished at the College ever since.

Pooja sees college as a pivotal time for discipleship in the lives of young women. It’s a time of life that can be confusing and full of transitions as people and relationships grow, change, and develop.

“It’s so important to have someone to guide and walk with you spiritually,” says Pooja. “Especially for someone like me, who is a minority, having someone to disciple me is so valuable.”

After graduating, Pooja hopes to work with the human rights organization International Justice Mission.



The Chapel Associate for Discipleship

The role of chapel associate for discipleship will include ministering to the young women on Covenant’s campus. The chapel associate for discipleship will equip young women of Covenant College—women like Tindol and Pooja—to embrace their callings as Christian women in their communities, homes, workplaces, and churches.


Chaplain Grant Lowe on the Chapel Associate Position

“My hope is that, as a result of this person’s work, the fabric of discipleship on campus will have more clarity and visible structure—not necessarily in terms of programs, but in terms of vision. Students will see and know how discipleship is taking place at Covenant and will experience it for themselves.”


…on Discipleship

“Discipleship is, in short, saying, ‘Follow Jesus with me.’ It’s a relationship with an intentional, spiritual focus.”


…on Embracing Scripture over Culture

“A lot of false narratives of our own culture have permeated the church. I want us at the College to nurture a thoughtful, continuing discussion on what it means to be a godly, Christian woman—what does it mean to be a Christian woman in your family, in your vocation, as a scholar, and in the church?”


To learn more about the new chapel position and about the Women’s Love Gift, visit


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