Carter Hall renovation


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Campus Weather

Temperature 52.2° Rain Rate 0.00   in/hr
Humidity 65% Today's Rain 0.09   in
Wind N at 0.0 mph Wind Chill 52.2°
Barometer 29.987 in & Rising Slowly Heat Index 51.4°

High Temperature
recorded at 12:15am
62.9° High Barometer
recorded at 11:34am
29.987   in
Low Temperature
recorded at 9:28am
49.4° Low Barometer
recorded at 2:23am
29.856   in
High Humidity
recorded at 1:13am
98% High Rain Rate
recorded at 12:35am
0.51   in/hr
Low Humidity
recorded at 11:29am
65% Low Wind Chill
recorded at 9:28am
High Wind Speed
recorded at ----m
0.0 mph High Heat Index
recorded at 12:11am
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Lydia Holt

“(My campus visit) was a crucial factor in my decision to come here. During that first visit, my attitude towards Covenant changed from vague curiosity to “I think this is where I’m supposed to be.'"
Taken the evening of 10.13.2013 by Matt McLelland.