Meet Our HR Staff


Judy Pennyman
HR Benefits Coordinator (2011)



Judy Pennyman came to Covenant with over 20 years of experience in the disability, health/dental, and life-insurance industry. She is a valuable contributor towards Covenant's mission and vision for the HR department while being responsible for the interpretation of HR policies, initiating staff recruitment, assisting in training and on-boarding, and overseeing benefits administration for the entire college. Judy holds a BS in business with a concentration in HR and a master's in leadership and HR and is currently pursuing an MBA from Belhaven University. She has two daughters and is a member of Olivet Baptist Church.







Joy Branham '08
Payroll Specialist


Joy graduated from Covenant with a degree in interdisciplinary studies, with concentrations in English, French, and community development. She has worked in HR since 2010 and is responsible for payroll, payroll budgeting, counseling on compliance issues related to insurance, hiring, taxation and wage and hours laws, retirement and investment plan design, employee relations and benefits management, data reporting and analysis, and work-study payroll issues. She is a member of St. Elmo Presbyterian Church, where she has attended for the last ten years.