Order a Transcript

Covenant is partnering with Parchment, an academic credential management company to deliver transcripts, both electronic and paper versions. Electronic transcripts are normally processed in a few business days costing $6, with paper transcripts total processing in 7-10 business days costing $9. Current students and alumni are able to:

  • Order a transcript 24/7 from anywhere in the world with internet access.
  • Request an official electronically-accessed transcript or mailed paper transcript.
  • Confirm an electronic signature and payment through a secure online portal.
  • Receive email notifications if a hold is preventing the release of a transcript.
  • Track when transcripts are processed and electronic transcripts opened.
  • Include attachments to be delivered with the transcript (ex. AMCAS exam form).


The process is fairly intuitive, but we have included a link below as well as step-by-step instructions for accessing and ordering a transcript in the Parchment system:

  • Current Students - Log into Banner

    Click on the Student tab - Student Records - Order Official Transcript

    Enter through Banner Web confirms your electronic signature.

    Step-by-step instructions are available in Banner.

  • Alumni – Follow this link to Covenant’s website with Parchment.

    Access step-by-step instructions for the Alumni process

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