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We strive to glorify God in all that we do, and clubs and organizations are no exception. The majority of a student’s time at Covenant College will be spent outside of the classroom, so it is important to take advantage of all the wonderful co-curricular opportunities and activities one will find at Covenant. This includes opportunities for growth, opportunities for friendship, and opportunities for leadership. Campus clubs and organizations are vital to Covenant and help further growth and fellowship here on campus. Students with new ideas and passions are regularly adding new clubs and may contact Student Senate to join an existing club or to express an interest in starting a new club.


List of Student Clubs & Organizations


Student Leader: Lauren Mawhinney

Faculty Advisor: Brianne Kobeck


The Bagpipe is Covenant's weekly newspaper that exists to report news and events happening at Covenant and around the area. It provides students with valuable journalistic experience, and gives them an outlet to express their thoughts and serve their peers through their writing.

Editor-in-chief: Emmett Gienapp

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Cliff Foreman


Ballroom club provides students with fun, safe opportunities to dance in such a way that glorifies God and enhances our community through the promotion of an artistic form of expression. Club is broken up into beginners' and intermediate sections allowing everyone, even those without previous dancing experience, an appropriate level of instruction. The dances taught range from swing to rumba, waltz to salsa, and foxtrot to cha-cha - with something for everyone.

President: Jessica Tailer

Faculty Advisor: Jeff Morton


The Business club serves students by providing them with the opportunity to engage with business leaders that have built their careers around Christ, giving students an idea of how to integrate their faith with their profession. In addition, the Business club strives to enhances the image of Covenant College within the business world, for the benefit of current and future members while allowing students to network through the meeting with alum.

President: Michael Birchfield

Staff Advisor: Dr. John Plating


President: Andy Soto

Staff Advisor: Neely Goree


The Campus Stewardship Committee serves to lead efforts on campus to reduce inefficient energy waste, educate the Covenant community on the importance of stewardship, and motivate students to have personal responsibilty for the physical resources of the Covenant community. The main areas of focus are food conservation, energy conservation, recycling and global mindedness.

Student Chairs: Eric Beveridge and Hannah Mask
Staff Advisor: Neely Goree


President: Katy Chapell

Staff Advisor: Sarah Harris



President: Paul Broussard

Faculty Advisor: TBD


President: James Dillon

Faculty Advisor: Scott Jones


The Drama Association is a club designed to get the general student body involved in the Theatre Department here at Covenant. We hope to give students opportunities to learn more about art and theatre as well as participate in opportunities we have here on campus.

President: Emma Shope and Abigail DeGraaf

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Deborah Kirby

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The Economics Club and Honor Society seeks to serve as a unifying and academically stimulating body that promotes academic scholarship in economics and provides a cohesive network for economic majors and minors to more fully engage in their discipline. It offers opportunities to establish closer ties with faculty on other campuses and Covenant College alumni to better understand the use of economics in various vocations. It also seeks to give recognition to members for scholastic achievement in economics.

President: Reid Northcutt

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lance Wescher


President: Kaitlyn Sirmons

Staff Advisor: Kiaira Cooper


The purpose of the French Club is to create opportunities for students to speak in French and enjoy food and fellowship with other proficient French speakers.

President: Megan Gienapp

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tom Neiles


President: Susanna Taft

Advisor: Dr. John Wingard


President: Noah Dillingham

Advisor: Dr. Scott Quatro


International Justice Mission campus chapter seeks to bring awareness to the student body about human trafficking and modern day slavery around the world. Along with raising awareness we plan events to raise funds for International Justice Mission and pray for their ongoing work.

 President: Victoria Yang

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard Follett


The Linguistics Club aims to foster a fun learning environment where its members can explore the field of linguistics and linguistic diversity at Covenant College. The club strives to provide opportunities to delve deeper into linguistic topics, celebrate linguistic diversity, and spread linguistic awareness, all while building camaraderie between fellow linguaphiles.

President: Katie Wos

Faculty Advisor: Nola Stephens


Mu Kappa exists to provide opportunities for students at Covenant who grew up outside their home culture to come together and share their experiences. We hope to help foster growth and friendships among MKs through the different events we have during the year.

President: James Taylor and Hannah Taylor

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Herb Ward


The Outdoors Club wants to take you caving, climbing, canoeing, hiking, skiing, and backpacking. If you explore on your own terms, we want to provide you with any gear or information you might need. Be not afraid. This is your destiny.

President: Jenny Washburne

Staff Advisor: Dr. Herb Ward


President: Sarah Withers

Faculty Advisor: Dr. John Wingard


The Covenant College Pre-Law Society is a student organization sponsored by the history & politics department and headed by a student president and the faculty pre-law advisor. The Pre-Law Society exists to serve as an aid and resource to those students considering or intending to pursue a legal education after college and to maintain a dialogue on campus regarding legal issues. The Pre-Law Society sponsors speakers on campus, organizes LSAT study groups, and helps to plan trips to law school campuses and local legal offices and courts.

President: Jonathan Turner

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard Follett


"Psi Chi is the International Honor Society in Psychology, founded in 1929 for the purposes of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology. " (Taken from Psi Chi's website) Psi Chi's two major goals are to give academic recognition to its members and to provide an environment that is conducive to creative development in the field of Psychology.

President: Melanie White

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kevin Eames


The Covenant College Rugby Club offers a competitive environment to play, and learn, the sport of rugby. The club was established in 2010 by alumnus Scott McKeon, with our first game, and subsequent victory, coming in the spring of 2011 against the Chattanooga Rugby Football Club B-team by a score of 7-0. The club joined the Dixie Rugby League Conference in 2012, and will begin division play in November against opponents like Bryan College, and Lee University. Practice is twice a week.

President: Dan Glad

Staff Advisor: Erik Vitolins


President: Kurt Wesheit

Staff Advisor: Philip Hartwell


The Spanish Club's goal is to faithfully engage with Hispanic/Latino culture, both on and off campus, in order to genuinely listen, dialogue, and learn.

President: Elizabeth Simpson

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Sandy Shaw


President: Aubrianna Pennigton

Staff Advisor: Neely Goree


The Tartan is the Covenant College student year book. It records aspects of student life at Covenant in creative and memorable ways that can be passed down to future generations.

Editor: Cobi Boykin

Staff Advisor: Jen Allen


The mission of the Tech club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to participate in a Christ-centered community focused on fellowship and the development of the knowledge and skills thorough which technology is applied to various fields.

President: Nick Gilbert

Faculty Advisor: Dr. John Hunt


The Thorn is Covenant College's annual literary publication. It provides an outlet for students to publish their work and express themselves artistically to the community at large.

Editor: Shannon Hunt

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Erle Barham


President: Natalie Barkman

Faculty Advisor: Richard Nelson



President: Paige Terryberry

Faculty Advisor: Lance Wescher



President: Emmett Gienapp

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Cliff Foreman


President: Brittany Farmer

Staff Advisor: Joanna Ehman




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