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the Covenant experience narrative

The Blue Tribune is your place to learn about all things Covenant and keep up with stories from campus and beyond. By guiding you through the different aspects of Covenant, we'll help you decide if you want to pursue your very own Covenant experience.

A Deeper Look at Christian Community

Ask Covenant College students what their favorite thing about Covenant is and you’ll hear many responses about the community. Lots of schools talk about their community, and we’re no different because we deeply believe that Covenant’s Christ-centered community is something worth experiencing.

Our community is unified by a reliance on Christ’s love. Here are some ways that Christ’s love shapes our community, how we treat each other, and how we live everyday life.

We Help Each Other

“In one class, Dr. Finch told us that we can take joy in the fact that the Body of Christ is gifted with such a wide variety of talents. If we students need help with research, we have people on campus who can guide us. If we need a ride down the mountain, we have hallmates who can help us. If we need insight on a theological question, we have great professors and friends who can talk with us and help us think with a biblical lens.” - Mary Haynes ’21

“Friends and professors and staff members spur me on to let go of perfectionism, learn to be present, practice sitting in God’s presence, and so much more. What makes it possible for me to have the courage to grow is knowing that when I fail, these people will be there to pick me up and get me back on my feet.” - Liz Daley ’23

We Are Welcoming

“When I visited campus, I was immediately overtaken by a feeling of home. I walked around the campus and was greeted by so many faculty and students who did not even know me but took the time out of their busy schedules to start conversations with me. There was a sense of warmth and joy that filled this place that no other college has.” - Cameron Cortman ’22

“As soon as I stepped on campus for a visit, I remember feeling very welcomed because everybody was so friendly and made me feel at home.” - Baylie Sims ’22

We Pursue Conflict Resolution

“Honest communication and conflict resolution has given me an accurate picture of what healthy, adult friendships are like. Good relationships anywhere are never easy; however, the friendships that I have made at Covenant have helped me realize that conflict is not bad and that talking about hard things is necessary in order to make lasting connections.” - Allison Andrews ’23

We Encourage Each Other with Accountability

“I have discovered the importance of having a close group to not only hold me accountable, but also push me to dive deeper into my relationship with the Lord. My friends have pushed me to talk through hard topics and learn from other’s experiences.” - Baylie Sims ’22

“Having people in my life who constantly challenge and push me to become better in every area of life is something that I didn't know I needed until I got here. Whether it is the coaches, professors, or fellow students, everyone fulfills a commitment to calling each other to a higher standard, and for that, I am genuinely grateful.” - Cameron Cortman ’22

We Are Unified in Our Diversity

“One of my favorite things about my hall is that though we are all very different, we are bound together by our love of God, our desire to learn more about him, and our desire to love each other and others just as Jesus did. My relationships with people at Covenant have shown me that other people's differences aren't something that should stand between me and them, but rather, they are something we should embrace.” - Jon Schimpf ’23

“Covenant has made me realize what a blessing a godly community can be and how much believers working together in unity can accomplish.” - Emily Braswell ’22

“We” Means Students, Staff, and Faculty

“My relationships with mentors (Hannah Bloomquist, Chaplain Lowe, Brett Borland) and even just older students have shown me how I can pour into those younger than me.” - Beebe Stroud ’22

“My professors have been a great source of spiritual wisdom for me; I’ve taken hard questions to them and prayed with them and experienced their humility as they seek to answer my questions.” - Avery Patz ’22

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