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Fall 2019 admissions application now available

If you’re encouraged by a college that expects more of itself, of you, and the church—we encourage you to join us! Our admissions counselors will help guide you through every step of the process. Start your application today!

Covenant 360 October 4-5 and November 1-2

Come join us on the mountaintop for 24 hours to experience what life is like as a Covenant College Scot!

Global Education at Covenant College

About a quarter of the student body traveled abroad for learning experiences or participated in intercultural experiences in the U.S. last year. Learn more about cross-cultural opportunities for Covenant students.

Class of 2022 at Covenant College
Welcome, Class of 2022!
View this image on Gigapan and zoom in to find students you know in the incoming freshman class.
Scene from the play Protest
In ​Protest,​ the price of avoiding hypocrisy becomes apparent to two old friends who seek each other’s aid in political matters. Camille Hallstrom, director of ​Protest states, ​“We really should put Havel [the playwright] in the same category as Martin Luther King or Gandhi.... This man was able to start a revolution without any bloodshed.”
Mark Duble and Lady Scots alumni soccer players Homecoming 2018

"I'm really excited about this 25th anniversary. I haven't seen some of these players in years, and it's hard for them not to be like your own kids by the time they leave. That's the reason I stay. Helping kids grow up helps keep you young. I may be 60, but I don't feel 60."
  - Coach Mark Duble

A Hermeneutic of Wisdom
"A Hermeneutic of Wisdom" explores how the Bible functions as a wisdom text, shaping Christian ethics and forming our loves.
Arwen Matos-Wood and Lindsey Fain

This fall, Covenant welcomed two new members to its faculty: Assistant Professor of Marketing Arwen Matos-Wood, MBA, and Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Education Lindsey Fain, MEd.

When Helping Hurts

Since Covenant professors Dr. Brian Fikkert and Dr. Steve Corbett released "When Helping Hurts" in 2009, they have sold over 430,000 copies and have heard countless success stories of churches and ministries transforming their approach to poverty alleviation.

"Ultimately, the legacy of "When Helping Hurts" will rest not in how many copies it sells or how many workshops it guides, but in how many Western churches abandon the savior complex and submit to a broader, deeper understanding of human flourishing."

2018 L%27Abri Lectures at Covenant College
Covenant College is pleased to announce that the third annual L’Abri Lectures will take place on September 29, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. This year’s featured speakers are Clarke Scheibe, Dr. Amy Bagby, and Dr. Zack Eswine.
“He has called us to follow him in faithfully working at the simple things and the mundane, to look around and see the dignity in the little & overlooked. He has appointed us a particular section of ‘the wall’, and he simply calls us to be faithful.”
  - Stephanie Formenti, Chapel Associate for Discipleship
Map showing where Covenant is located in the southeastern U.S.

Covenant College is within a day’s drive of a significant portion of the eastern United States, and within 2 hours of the southeastern U.S. hubs of Atlanta, Nashville, and Birmingham.

Juliana Meznar

“At Covenant, Christian teaching is not merely a series of devotionals tacked onto a secular curriculum, but rather Covenant incorporates faith as an integral part of how and why we learn.”
  - Juliana Meznar '19

100% of faculty members subscribe to the inerrancy of scripture and to the Westminster Confession of Faith

Visit the distinctives site to explore a set of fast facts that help define the unique experience and value that a Covenant College education provides.

Covenant College Scots Soccer Team in Action
Follow the Scots and Lady Scots and get the latest scores, recaps, and news at