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Fall 2019 admissions application now available

If you’re encouraged by a college that expects more of itself, of you, and the church—we encourage you to join us! Our admissions counselors will help guide you through every step of the process. Start your application today!

Covenant 360 October 4-5 and November 1-2

Come join us on the mountaintop for 24 hours to experience what life is like as a Covenant College Scot!

Covenant College chapel window

Dr. Brandon Kreuze, professor of music, describes how the appreciation and cultivation of beauty is an important component of our worship of God.

2018 L%27Abri Lectures at Covenant College
Covenant College is pleased to announce that the third annual L’Abri Lectures will take place on September 29, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. This year’s featured speakers are Clarke Scheibe, Dr. Amy Bagby, and Dr. Zack Eswine.
Covenant students win ChaTech scholarships
The Chattanooga Technology Council awarded 4 out of 10 scholarships to Covenant College computer science students on June 15, 2018.
When Helping Hurts

Since Covenant professors Dr. Brian Fikkert and Dr. Steve Corbett released "When Helping Hurts" in 2009, they have sold over 430,000 copies and have heard countless success stories of churches and ministries transforming their approach to poverty alleviation.

"Ultimately, the legacy of "When Helping Hurts" will rest not in how many copies it sells or how many workshops it guides, but in how many Western churches abandon the savior complex and submit to a broader, deeper understanding of human flourishing."

Matthew Bazzel '14 explains how an education at Covenant College transforms minds and enables students to think for themselves.
Covenant Robotics Club Members
Seniors Abigail Gianis and Nick Kiratzis founded the Covenant Robotics Club in order for students to apply the information they learn in their engineering classes.
The God Who Gives—How The Trinity Shapes The Christian Story by Kelly M. Kapic, Justin L. Borger
The book by Dr. Kelly M. Kapic and Justin Borger '06 was released on June 12, 2018. Friends of Covenant College are invited to purchase a copy with a 40% discount.
Map showing where Covenant is located in the southeastern U.S.

Covenant College is within a day’s drive of a significant portion of the eastern United States, and within 2 hours of the southeastern U.S. hubs of Atlanta, Nashville, and Birmingham.

Nabil Ince '18, Abi Ogle '18, Chase Waller '18, and Gracie Woodrow '18 were chosen by the class of 2018 to testify about their experiences at Covenant College. Each of them shared powerful stories of Christ preeminent in their lives.
100% of faculty members subscribe to the inerrancy of scripture and to the Westminster Confession of Faith

Visit the distinctives site to explore a set of fast facts that help define the unique experience and value that a Covenant College education provides.