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The Mountain is Calling

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Comparing colleges can lead to difficult choices: Is professional development or spiritual growth more important? Should you sacrifice life-giving community for the sake of stellar academics?


At Covenant College, you don't have to choose.


Picture yourself making The Covenant Ascent, a journey that gives you the academic, professional, and spiritual tools needed to live out a successful, God-honoring life.



Founded in 1955, Covenant College is a Christian liberal arts college located on Lookout Mountain, Georgia. We exist to explore and express the preeminence of Jesus Christ in all things by preparing young believers for a life of service and God-honoring vocation.

Covenant College Summer Institute

Summer Institute allows high-school students to earn college credit for a one-week residential program on campus. Apply today!

Brock Hall on the Covenant College campus

There's a lot to wade through when considering college. Here are a few things that we believe make Covenant College unique.

2021 Covenant College personalized viewbook

This personalized digital guide to your Covenant experience is a quick way to learn about the academic programs and student life activities that most interest you.

Welcome, Class of 2025!
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Covenant Outcomes

Our professional development program has an established track record of preparing our graduates well for life & calling after Covenant.


Placement - 92% of Covenant grads are employed or in grad school within 6 months of graduation


Internships - 67% completed internships while at Covenant College and reported that they were key in discerning career direction.


Fast Facts



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financial aid


of alumni regularly attend church


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Meet Our Students

The best way to learn about life at Covenant is to read what our students have to say!

Baylie Sims
Liz Daley
Edoardo Santi
Cameron Cortman
Viona Okwii Brown
Emily Braswell
Avery Patz
Benaiah Woodrow
Samara Barbee

Baylie Sims '22

"I love the small faculty to student ratio! The professors at Covenant genuinely care about us as students, but they also want to get to know us. Many professors like to have classes over for a home-cooked meal or even go on a hike with students. It is very encouraging to see your professors on campus and they know your name."

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Liz Daley '23

"My time at Covenant has taught me that no Christian community is perfect, but if there is care and love and a desire to push one another towards something higher, then you have found something wonderful. My prayer is that I won’t have to settle for anything less in the future."

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Edoardo Santi '22

"I wanted to find a community of people who seek Jesus, and halfway through my freshman year, God gave me a family of believers, "The Five Points" hall, who accepted me into their family and showed me Christian love."

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Cameron Cortman '22

"The community at Covenant is so unlike any other place I have been. Having people in my life who constantly challenge and push me to become better in every area of life is something that I didn't know I needed until I got here. Whether it is the coaches, professors, or fellow students, everyone fulfills a commitment to calling each other to a higher standard, and for that, I am genuinely grateful."

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Viona Okwii Brown '22

"Through classes at Covenant, I have learned that my life as a student and professional is interwoven with my Christian beliefs. The two are not mutually exclusive. As I plan towards life after college, I am assured that my professional life will be an avenue where Christ shines through me."

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Emily Braswell '22

"Financial aid was a huge part of my decision of whether or not to attend. I knew I would not be able to come if I did not receive financial aid, and I was really impressed with Covenant’s Financial Aid Office and how they worked with me and my admissions counselor through the whole process."

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Avery Patz '22

"I love hall life here! I’ve stayed on one hall (Harambe!, woot woot) for three years so far and have loved doing life with these ladies. Late night shenanigans, dance parties, prayer and praise, and outdoor study sessions are frequent, and these girls are the absolute best company for it!"

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Benaiah Woodrow '22

"I have had the privilege to work in such positions as Student Ministry Coordinator and Multicultural Leader where you receive discipleship from your supervisor and fellow leaders and in turn are able to disciple others throughout the college. This discipleship is a working together to draw our relationships closer to God and one another."

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Samara Barbee '22

"I chose Covenant because of the people. I first saw Covenant’s campus when I came to a summer camp as a middle schooler, but it wasn’t until I visited as a junior in high school that I realized that what made the campus so alive is the students’ deep connections with one another. Also, I wanted to go to a school that would challenge me academically and spiritually, and Covenant has done just that."

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What is Covenant College community like? These students share about their experience of community and the impact that it has had on their lives.

Map showing where Covenant College is located in the southeastern U.S.

Covenant College is within a day’s drive of a significant portion of the eastern United States, and within 2 hours of the southeastern U.S. hubs of Atlanta, Nashville, and Birmingham.

Covenant Students during COVID19

College life can be stressful enough without adding a pandemic on top. Read about how Covenant students have fared during this difficult year and a half.

Parents video playlist

Explore this playlist of short videos from several sets of Covenant parents, providing their impressions of the benefits and distinctives of the Covenant College experience.