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Business Department


Business from a Christian Perspective

The Business department offers a Bachelor of Arts in business or sport management primarily designed to prepare students for careers in for-profit industry. Some graduates have also pursued careers in not-for-profit organizations. Business majors may gain some optional specialization by completing a concentration in accounting, finance, or marketing. Students with a major other than in business may minor in business or sport management.


Emphasis in all programs is placed on the development of a Christian worldview as it applies to the business sphere of the created order.



Business Programs


Business Students - In Their Own Words

Cameron Cortman

Cameron Cortman '22

"Dr. Quatro and Professor Matos-Wood are professors in the business department that have both impacted my thinking greatly. I am currently taking Business Ethics with Quatro in which he constantly challenges us with what it looks like to be a Christian in the realm of business. Both of these professors are shaping my thinking by providing real-life applications of topics in business while incorporating our higher calling to them."
Emily Braswell

Emily Braswell '22

"I really enjoy learning from all of the knowledgeable professors in the business department. Many of them have years of experience in the corporate world, and they do a great job of connecting the concepts we learn in class to situations we’ll see in real life."
"I love the small faculty to student ratio! The professors at Covenant genuinely care about us as students, but they also want to get to know us. Many professors like to have classes over for a home-cooked meal or even go on a hike with students. It is very encouraging to see your professors on campus and they know your name.”
- Baylie Sims '22 | Business & Community Development double major

Business Department Highlights


Requirements for Business Minor

  • ACC 201 Principles of Accounting I - 3 hrs
  • ACC 202 Principles of Accounting II - 3 hrs
    or an upper-division business elective
  • BUS 250 Principles of Management 3 hrs
  • BUS 345 Business Law 3 hrs
  • ECO 202 Principles of Microeconomics 4 hrs
  • MKT 300 Principles of Marketing 3 hrs

Total hours for the minor: 19



Requirements for Sport Management Minor

  • SPM 205 Principles of Sport Management - 3 hrs
  • SPM 405 Leadership in Sport Organizations - 3 hrs
  • SPM 406 Sport Law & Ethics - 3 hrs
Elective courses - choose 3:
  • ECO 350 Economics & Analytics of Sport - 3 hrs
  • SPM 275 Athletics in Secondary & Higher Education - 3 hrs
  • SPM 308 Marketing & Communication in Sport - 3 hrs
  • SPM 318 Sport Facility & Event Management - 3 hrs
  • SPM 345 Sales and Sponsorship in Sports - 3 hrs

Total hours for the minor: 18

Recent Senior Capstone Projects

  • “Financial Leverage & the Use of Debt Financing”
  • “Marketing to the Generation of Echo Boomers”
  • “Corporate Theory & Social Responsibility”
  • “Generous Transparency: A Look at the Nonprofit Disclosure Discussion”
  • “The Importance of Food Culture: Sustainability in American Grocery Stores”
  • “The Importance of Diversity in Fortune 500 Leadership Ranks”



Some recent businesses where our students have completed internships:

  • FSG Bank
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Ernst & Young
  • Conference of State Bank Supervisors
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Southern Champion Tray
  • Disney
  • Signal Energy
  • M&M Industries



Micah Davis ’21, a business major with an accounting concentration, worked at Market Street Partners. He says, "In my time at MSP, I learned firsthand about the profession of public accounting, built invaluable professional relationships, and gained real-world, practical experience as an auditor. Beyond that, it has been a joy to work alongside people who care deeply about their community, both in the office and in greater Chattanooga. I have been very encouraged by my time so far at MSP, and I am excited to continue my career here."

Micah Davis


ACC 405 Principles of Taxation

Covers the principles of federal income taxation as they are applied primarily to individuals and corporations. Some limited coverage given to partnerships, estates, and trusts. Emphasis is given to the conceptual foundations with some treatment of compliance and procedures.


BUS 350 Business Ethics Seminar

Conceptual ethical frameworks will be discussed and critically evaluated in light of a Christian worldview. Contemporary and seminal articles about business ethics issues will be discussed and debated. Students will conduct research and present on a contemporary business ethics success or failure.


FIN 345 Corporate Financial Management

This course is the second in a survey of the field of financial management. Broad topic areas include capital structure and dividend policy, working capital management and financial forecasting, and advanced topics in financial management.


MKT 332 Consumer Behavior

An analysis of consumer motivation, purchase decisions, market adjustment, and product innovation, including a survey of related explanatory theories.


SPM 345 Sales and Sponsorship in Sports

Students will be provided with an overview of the sales process and learn how the sales process applies to the sport industry while using hands-on exercises to perpetuate the understanding of the importance of sales. This course will familiarize students with current trends and best practices behind sales prospecting, generating leads, closing accounts, and referrals for ticket, hospitality, and sponsorship sales.


Recent Grad Schools for Covenant Business Majors

  • Vanderbilt University
  • Duke University
  • College of William & Mary
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • University of Virginia
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Southern California
  • University of North Carolina



Recent Job Outcomes for Covenant Business Majors

  • Ernst & Young
  • PricewaterhouseCooper
  • Chattem
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Bank of America
  • VaynerMedia
  • Unum
  • Kenco
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Accenture
  • Cigna



Business Major

Business is part of God's good creation, and it impacts the world in significant ways. In short, people all over the world have their "daily bread" needs (e.g. food, drink, livelihood, engaging work, community, relationships, medicine, clothing, shelter, etc) met through business. In that sense, business is the "engine of society" and a major means by which God showers common grace goodness on the world. Given this fundamental reality, Covenant prepares students to pursue careers in for-profit enterprises and to be agents of prosperity, stewardship, and renewal in the business sphere of God's world.

Four Year Sample Plan for Business  

Accounting Concentration

Accounting is an incredibly important field with many job opportunities. The work of accountants benefits businesses and the surrounding communities. Covenant students who study accounting master the material, going beyond memorization to a true understanding of the subject. They complete assignments that give them practice with the skills needed to become an accountant, but they also work through the thought and purpose behind accounting. They think through the question, "Why do we do things this way in accounting?"

Four Year Sample Plan for Accounting  

Finance Concentration

Finance is the study of the strategic management and allocation of financial capital as a means of prospering businesses and, ultimately, God's world. Students in this concentration are well prepared to pursue careers in corporate finance, commercial banking, investment banking, and more. Covenant's finance concentration is undergirded by both the knowledge that the love of money is a very real danger and recognizing that our God demands we not "bury our talents." Instead, we are to generate a wise return on the resources (including financial capital) that God entrusts to us.

Four Year Sample Plan for Finance  

Marketing Concentration

Marketing strategies and tactics are a critical part of every organization, regardless of scale. The study of marketing is about much more than promoting products; it is about helping people find solutions to meet real-time needs. At Covenant, students learn to conduct their work with the utmost integrity in the current cultural moment. The marketing concentration allows students to explore their unique God-given gifts while building a foundation of research techniques and insights into consumer motivation. At its core, this concentration strives to equip students to make a kingdom impact in the world while pursuing excellence in the realm of marketing.

Four Year Sample Plan for Marketing  

Sport Management Major

The Sport Management program is unique because it allows students to combine their passion for sports with business fundamentals to embark on a career in the always evolving sport industry. Students can pursue careers ranging from coaching, to college athletics administration, to professional sports, to sport marketing, to managment of summer camps, to running a local gym. The possibilities really are endless with a sport management degree.

Sport Management at Covenant College is different because of the unique focus placed on using sport and our careers in the industry to glorify God and to keep Christ preeminent in all things. This unique perspective puts students in a powerful position to make a positive impact on the sports industry and in turn, society as a whole.

Read "Sport Management Students Experience Daytona 500"  

Four Year Sample Plan for Sport Management  


Graduate School of Education

Undergraduate Departments, Majors, Minors, Certificates, Concentrations, and Programs

Academic Certificates

  • Arts Administration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability
  • Journalism and Society
  • Medical Ethics Consultation
  • Neuroscience
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


  • Art, 2-D Concentration 
  • Art, 3-D Concentration 
  • Art, Art History Concentration 
  • Art, Graphic Design Concentration 
  • Art, Photography Concentration 
  • Art minor
  • Art History minor

Biblical & Theological Studies

  • Biblical & Theological Studies 
  • Biblical & Theological Studies, Missions Concentration 
  • Biblical & Theological Studies minor
  • Biblical Languages minor
  • History of Christianity minor
  • Missions minor
  • Youth Ministry minor


  • Biology, Biomedical Concentration 
  • Biology, Environmental Concentration 
  • Biology, General 
  • Biology, Health Professions Concentration 
  • Biology minor


  • Business 
  • Business, Accounting Concentration 
  • Business, Finance Concentration 
  • Business, Marketing Concentration 
  • Sport Management 
  • Business minor
  • Sport Management minor


  • Chemistry, Biochemistry Concentration 
  • Chemistry, General 
  • Biochemistry minor
  • Chemistry minor

Computer Science

  • Computer Science 
  • Computer Science minor

Economics & Community Development

  • Community Development 
  • Economics 
  • Community Development minor
  • Economics minor


  • Education Studies 
  • Elementary Education (P-5) 
  • Secondary Education Certifications through MAT program 
  • Education minor

Engineering 3:2 Program

  • Natural Science, Pre-Engineering Studies Concentration


  • English 
  • English, Writing Concentration 
  • English minor
  • Writing minor

Health, Wellness and Coaching

  • Coaching minor

History, Politics, and International Studies

  • History 
  • History, Art History Concentration 
  • Political Science 
  • International Studies 
  • History minor
  • Political Science minor

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Interdisciplinary Studies with Concentrations 


  • Mathematics 
  • Mathematics minor


  • Music, Church Music Concentration 
  • Music, Creative Studies Concentration 
  • Music, General Music Concentration 
  • Music, Instrumental Performance Concentration 
  • Music, Music Education (Pre-MAT) Concentration 
  • Music, Organ Performance Concentration 
  • Music, Piano Pedagogy Concentration 
  • Music, Piano Performance Concentration 
  • Music, Vocal Performance Concentration 
  • Music minor


  • Philosophy 
  • Philosophy minor


  • Physics 
  • Physics minor

Pre-Professional Programs

  • Pre-Law Studies 
  • Pre-Medical Studies 
  • Pre-Nursing Studies 
  • Pre-Physical Therapy Studies 


  • Psychology 
  • Psychology minor


  • Sociology 
  • Sociology, Family Studies & Social Work Concentration 
  • Sociology minor


  • Theatre 
  • Theatre minor

World Languages

  • French 
  • Spanish 
  • French minor
  • Spanish minor