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the Covenant experience narrative

The Blue Tribune is your place to learn about all things Covenant and keep up with stories from campus and beyond. By guiding you through the different aspects of Covenant, we'll help you decide if you want to pursue your very own Covenant experience.

Student Leadership at Covenant: Serving While Learning

Becoming a student leader at Covenant is a great way to build character, invest in the Covenant community, and serve your fellow students while also gaining skills that will carry into your future career. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors help make the Covenant experience exceptional, and they have a lot of fun while doing so! These students lead clubs, serve as orientation team leaders, work as resident assistants, and more. They’re responsible for so many special parts of campus life.

Starting in your first semester at Covenant, you’ll have opportunities to become a leader (like running for Freshman Class President), but you’ll also benefit from older student leaders. Here are some leadership roles across campus.

Not Your Typical Resident Assistant

Resident assistants: the people in charge of suppressing fun and maintaining order in the dorms. This might be your impression of the RA role if you’ve never visited our campus, but here at Covenant, it’s a different story. Our RAs invest in residents’ lives, and they regularly plan events to bring their halls together. Whether it’s organizing a hall mystery date or coordinating a game night, our RAs know how to have fun. They also plan discussion or learning events about topics that the hall wants to explore. Sometimes, RAs coordinate service projects in Chattanooga and the local area.

RAs also mentor and guide residents. This may look like getting coffee or lunch with your RA to get to know each other better. Each RA is trained and equipped to serve as a resource on the hall, so if you have a need, your RA can help you find a solution.

Once a week, halls participate in their own time of prayer and praise (P&P). The hall’s RA is in charge of coordinating P&P, but this doesn’t mean you will only ever hear from your RA. Everyone on the hall is invited to participate, and sometimes, faculty and staff are invited to come to speak.

Student Senate, Hall Presidents, & Campus Activities Board

If you enjoy collaboration and coming up with solutions to problems, look no further than Student Senate! Senate members collaborate with administration to represent the student body, voicing the issues and desires of their fellow classmates. Several senate roles also plan fun campus events. For example, each dorm elects a hall president who represents the opinions of individual dorms and halls. Hall presidents also coordinate dorm events like Carter Christmas and Around Founders.

For students who love throwing big parties, Campus Activities Board (known as CAB) is the perfect fit. CAB plans most of our campus-wide dances and traditions. From decorating for Jazz on the Overlook to selecting a venue for Kilter to coordinating ’80s Skate Night, CAB gets it done and creates opportunities for a whole lot of fun.

Club Leaders & Multicultural Leaders

Covenant’s student-led clubs cover a wide range of interests from outdoor adventures to academic niches. Club leaders plan and promote club events and also have the responsibility of managing the budget. As a new student, you can join any club you’re interested in, and if you find your passion in one of these clubs, consider becoming a club leader in future years.

Covenant’s Multicultural Program (MCP) encourages our campus to appreciate the many cultures in our student body and around the world. With 18 different countries represented at Covenant, we are blessed to catch a glimpse of the diversity across the globe and God’s kingdom. MCP leaders educate and provide opportunities to celebrate diversity, and the program also creates intentional and specific spaces for students from cultural or ethnic minorities.

Orientation Team (They’re Like a Welcoming Committee)

At the very beginning of your time at Covenant, you’ll be greeted by the smiling faces of the Core Team and O-Team leaders. These are the teams in charge of helping incoming students transition to college. They’ll help you carry your things to your dorm room, lead you through orientation week, and welcome you to our home here on Lookout Mountain.

With around 40 student volunteers involved each year, Core Team and O-Team are some of the biggest opportunities to lead and serve, while also not requiring a large time investment beyond the start of the year. O-Team is widely known to be a whole lot of fun. Once you’ve gone through orientation and the college transition, you might find that you want to serve as an O-team leader the following year.

Lead, Grow, and Develop

Being a leader doesn’t mean going at it alone or striving for perfection. The Student Development team supports and guides our student leaders as they seek to love their peers with Christ-likeness. Through the CC Lead program, all student leaders receive gospel-centered spiritual formation. Training events like the annual CC Lead Conference equip them to lead others with dignity, humility, and wisdom.

To learn more about student leadership opportunities, check out our website.

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