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the Covenant experience narrative

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God’s Provision Through the IMPACT Campaign

“If you endow a school, you fortify it to stay true to its beliefs.”

- Sam Smartt, Joint Endowment Committee Chair

Join us in thanking God for his provision for the future of Covenant College. Through the completion of the IMPACT Campaign and all who contributed to its success, God has strengthened our institution to remain faithful for generations to come. With an initial goal of $30 million and with an end result of $32.1 million, the IMPACT Campaign is both the most ambitious and most successful endowment campaign in the history of the college.

Where We Started

We kicked off the IMPACT Campaign in December 2018 as part of our long-term goal to bring Covenant’s endowment to $100 million. We raised $32.1 million through both cash gifts/pledges ($18.5 million) and estate declarations/planned giving ($13.6 million).

“God brought bountiful mercy and provision through the IMPACT Campaign. This effort brought together multiple generations of students, families, faculty, staff, donors, and even presidents – all working toward the same goal. Solid financial foundations allow institutions to look forward, plan, dream, strategize, and prepare for fulfilling its mission. Institutions tend to focus on today’s challenges while reveling in yesterday. Rarely are we able to actually dig in for tomorrow, next year, and decades down the road. Through this campaign, Covenant was afforded such an opportunity, and we are thrilled.”
Bob Curtis, Board Member, Covenant Parent

The Purpose

This campaign focused on two goals. First, make Covenant more affordable for our students. Second, recruit and retain outstanding faculty who align with our theological beliefs. With 10 new endowed scholarships created and millions designated toward 42 existing scholarships, we are able to provide aid to more deserving students. The Covenant community stepped in to make this education a reality for future generations of Scots.

“I knew in my head and my heart that I wanted to go to Covenant, but I knew without scholarships, that wasn’t possible.”
- Justin Carter ’24, Wilberforce Scholar

The IMPACT Campaign also raised funds to invest in faculty members, ensuring that distinguished Christian scholars remain a steadfast mark of Covenant College. In order to develop successful students who are dedicated to their faith, our faculty must be committed to academic rigor as well as spiritual discipline. The process of finding Covenant professors proves challenging because they must be academically excellent, gifted in their field, great teachers and mentors, while also sharing our beliefs and biblical commitment. The college invests in this integral endeavor, and the funds raised through this campaign are an investment on behalf of the faculty.

Covenant’s Impact

Perhaps more than ever before, our culture needs Covenant graduates: biblically grounded thinkers, well-equipped workers, and loving, faithful neighbors. Graduates leave Lookout Mountain and have an impact in the cultural structures around them, including the marketplace, workplace, communities, churches, schools, neighborhoods, and families. We stand firm in our goal of developing students spiritually, academically, and professionally.

“The need for men and women who have been well and faithfully formed for Christ-like witness in the world is perhaps greater now than it ever has been. Covenant meets the need for holistic, Christ-centered education that inspires and equips students to serve as courageous participants in God’s reconciliation of all things to himself.”
- Dr. J. Derek Halvorson ’93, President

Provision for the Future

Join us in praising the Lord for his faithful provision, celebrating this moment of success, and recognizing the many people who united to make this campaign a reality.

  • $32,163,223+ in commitments
  • $5.5 million committed to 42 existing scholarship endowments
  • 10 new endowed scholarships started
  • 329 participants
  • 47 partners contributed through estate planning.
  • 10% of participants are new donors to Covenant.
  • 54% are new donors to endowment.

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