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5 Reasons to Attend Admitted Students Day Happening March 21-22!

students standing in park downtown chattanooga

Various preview events throughout the year are used as a time for prospective students to experience life on the mountain and get to know Covenant’s campus and community. But Admitted Students Day is not necessarily a preview event. This event is a unique and exclusive opportunity for students who have been accepted to Covenant to feel celebrated and begin to truly imagine their lives as Scots. Although you may still be on the fence about your final decision, this is a time to step into the Covenant community and really feel like a future part of that community. 

Here are five reasons you should make sure to attend Admitted Students Day—even if you’ve already visited campus.

1. Familiarize Yourself with Campus and Beyond

Whether you’ve visited or not, Admitted Students Day is a great chance to get to know campus and find your way around. You’ll also get to explore downtown Chattanooga! If it is your first time, grab a buddy who has already been on campus or a current student and ask them lots of questions about where students hang out, their favorite courses, or the best time to avoid the lunch rush in the Great Hall. This time is for you, so if you want to see inside a specific building—just ask someone from admissions! 

“Admitted Students Day confirmed all that I had already fallen in love with about Covenant! It helped me solidify my college decision and allowed me to become even more familiar with campus before I started classes.”
Emily Fokert ’27 

2. Stay Overnight in a Residence Hall

Even if you’ve already stayed a night during sneakPEAK or Scholarship Weekend, now that it’s time to make a decision, it might help to picture yourself living on campus or even to figure out which residence hall you like best. Although you don’t necessarily get to decide which residence hall you stay in, each one is different and has unique traits and perks! Staying in the dorm as an admitted student is a time where you can begin to imagine your new home away from home.

“Staying the night during Admitted Students Day confirmed that this was the place that the Lord wanted me to be. I felt so included, loved, prayed for, and encouraged by the girls I stayed with!”
Jenna McClure ’27

3. Get to Know Faculty and Staff

Although it is just one night, it is nice to get a headstart on recognizing certain friendly faces that you’ll see a lot as a student. Those who work in student development, residence life, the chapel department, and academic areas will be a big part of your life as a student, so getting to talk to them beforehand may help calm some nerves. Covenant faculty and staff do a great job at knowing students by name and getting to know them on a personal level, so if you end up attending Covenant, don’t be surprised if someone you recognize actually recognizes you back! 

“Admitted Students Day gives you the opportunity to get to know the people who make Covenant unique and imagine yourself as part of our family!”
Bryonie Moon, Admissions Visits and Events Manager

4. Experience the Beauty of Christian Community

The chapel building on the outside is awe-inspiring in and of itself, but what takes place inside is on a whole different level of beauty. Participating in chapel throughout the week is a cherished part of the Covenant experience that builds deep, Christian community on campus. From the talented student-led worship and sincere, honest talks to hall traditions of piling shoes on the stage, something about chapel typically sticks with guests long after Chaplain Lowe says, “Go in peace.”

“I was very on the fence about Covenant, until I visited [on Admitted Students Day]. While standing in the chapel singing alongside hundreds of other students sold out for Jesus, I knew this was the place for me.”
Blake Dellenback ’27

5. Begin Forming Friendships and Discover Student Clubs

For every unknown in life, we need people who will surround, support us, and share our interests. Events during Admitted Students Day are planned specifically for you to get to know your future peers and begin to find your people! On Friday afternoon, you’ll have the choice of several different activities that highlight our student-led clubs and organizations. Although we can’t make any promises, getting to know the general Covenant community will help you begin to meet people and form relationships that may turn into lasting friendships. Who knows, you may even find your future roommate!

“Admitted Students Day really solidified my decision to come to Covenant. I enjoyed interacting with the people I met and one of them is now one of my closest friends!” 
Lauren Zuidema ’27

Unlike sneakPEAK, Admitted Students Day is by invitation only, so not just anyone interested in Covenant can attend. However, if you want to schedule a visit or attend our spring preview event, go to If you are an admitted student and haven’t received an invitation from us, feel free to reach out to your admissions counselor. 

To learn more about being an admitted student or register for the event, visit our Admitted Students page!

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