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What is ZeeMee? The Ultimate Online College Community Platform for High Schoolers

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Figuring out a college’s personality and navigating the college decision process can feel overwhelming. Or maybe you’ve made your college decision, but you’re unsure how to go ahead and begin meeting people and learning the ropes to college life. That’s where ZeeMee comes in! 

What Is Zeemee?

ZeeMee is a social media platform specifically designed to help students during their college decision journey. It is primarily used by high school and college students as a tool to connect with peers, college admissions officers, and potential roommates. Key features of ZeeMee include:

  • Profiles: Students can create detailed profiles that include photos, videos, and stories about their extracurricular activities, interests, and achievements.
  • Community Building: ZeeMee offers various chat groups and forums where students can connect with others who have similar interests or are considering the same colleges.
  • Roommate Matching: ZeeMee has a feature that helps students find and connect with potential roommates based on their interests and compatibility.

Overall, ZeeMee is a dynamic and interactive platform to help you make meaningful connections with colleges and fellow students. So, here’s everything you need to know about ZeeMee and why it should be an essential part of your college exploration.

Why Use ZeeMee?

Engage with the Current and Future Covenant Community
ZeeMee provides a space where you can begin interacting with high school students like yourself who are interested in or planning on attending Covenant as well as current students who attend Covenant. 

Get Updates From Covenant Admissions
Other than fun chats with peers, there may also be helpful updates and announcements directly from our admissions office or current students. You can participate in specific channels like "Ask a counselor" or "Ask a current student" to ask questions, share experiences, and get insights from students and admissions counselors.

Find Your Potential Future Roommate
One of ZeeMee’s standout features is its roommate matching tool. Moving to college is a big step, and finding a compatible roommate can make the transition smoother. ZeeMee can help you connect with potential roommates based on shared interests and lifestyle preferences through the roommate finder quiz. Just make sure you officially request your match in Covenant’s housing application process. 

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Download the App and Your Create Account
    Getting started is easy. Download the ZeeMee app or visit their website to sign up.
  2. Personalize Your Profile and Add Photos 
    Fill out your basic information on your profile and add a profile picture. This is your chance to show who you are and make friends!
  3. Join Covenant’s Channel and Unique Channels
    Join Covenant’s community and all the different channels. Most of the chatter goes on in the general channel, but as mentioned above, the “Ask a counselor” and “Ask a current student” channels are super helpful! Engage actively to get the most out of ZeeMee.

ZeeMee is more than just a social media platform—it’s a helpful tool designed to get you plugged into Covenant’s community before you even step foot on campus or attend orientation.

Join Covenant College’s ZeeMee community!

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