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the Covenant experience narrative

The Blue Tribune is your place to learn about all things Covenant and keep up with stories from campus and beyond. By guiding you through the different aspects of Covenant, we'll help you decide if you want to pursue your very own Covenant experience.

Summer Internship Highlights

summer interns

Summer internships provide an opportunity for students to put into practice what they’ve learned in class and have real-life experiences that will in turn prepare them for the workforce. The wide range of interests at Covenant College means a wide range of summer internships to help students grow in their unique area of study. Meet five students who were impacted by their work in an internship this past summer.

gracen ford

Gracen Ford ’24

Community Development

Interned at Heart for Winterhaven, a non-profit organization that serves those experiencing poverty or homelessness.

sam powell

Sam Powell ’24

Environmental Biology

Studied at Au Sable, an institution partnered with Covenant College to provide robust field labs for environmental biology students.

Kathryn Wood

Kathryn Wood ’25


Interned at Branch Technology, a manufacturing company that focuses on free-form 3D printing.

Sydney Jones

Sydney Jones ’25

Sports Management

Interned for Clemson Football Recruiting, hosting and planning recruiting events.

Camden Lashley

Camden Lashley ’24

Biology Pre-Med

Interned at Red de Misericordia in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic as an assistant in the children’s health clinic.

Learning by Doing

Learning outside of the classroom is not just exciting, but serves as work experience that builds career knowledge. Whether studying environmental biology or sports management, there is so much to glean from active fieldwork.

"Over the summer I developed CAD (computer-aided design) and gained experience working with milling systems. I was even able to design a part that was incorporated into the company's design process."
- Kathryn Wood

"The internship was a wonderful opportunity to gain experience in serving medically underserved populations. It also helped confirm my plans to apply to medical school and gave me a desire to be an advocate for medically underserved populations at home and abroad."
- Camden Lashley

Feeling Prepared by Covenant

While students learn with hands-on experience, they are often using what they’ve learned in and outside the classroom. The programs at Covenant don’t just prepare students for post-college careers, but also for the jobs they might have while in school.

"My professors have given me so many opportunities in the field and taught me to be a step ahead of everyone else. I was able to apply the intentionality we’ve been taught in the classroom as well as how to manage a time-consuming job."
- Sydney Jones

"My classes at Covenant taught me the root of poverty and then what mindset we should have towards it. It was helpful to be comfortable with these thought processes before working with them."
- Gracen Ford

Growing in Faith

Career preparation and academic growth are important, but internships can also serve as a time to grow in faith outside of the college setting. Over the summer, students discover just how closely career work and calling are related to their walk with the Lord, often in unexpected ways.

"I found that the work I did this summer in manufacturing aligns with the creation mandate to be a good steward. This was true in the way I was expected to be a good steward of the company resources and in the way we used creativity."
- Kathryn Wood

"I was really able to develop my worldview about how to be a Christian in the environmental science field. Au Sable even provided space for discussion about what our faith can bring to the world of science."
- Sam Powell

These are just a few of the many students who used their summers to grow their practical and academic skills outside of school. These experiences are all part of the well-rounded education that Covenant students receive during their college years. Most importantly, these students show how their faith remains prevalent even outside of the Covenant community.

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