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Language students at Covenant College

The Language Lab

The Language Lab provides students with the opportunity to hone their language skills by engaging in conversation with experienced tutors. The Language Lab staff includes student employees who are either native speakers or who have completed upper division coursework in their assigned language. The goal is to create an environment that simulates immersion, where students are able to develop relationships with tutors and glean from their linguistic and cultural experiences.


Additionally, the Language Lab is available to all students to watch films assigned by instructors, create audio recordings, and complete online language drills. To further offer an immersion experience, Covenant College has subscribed to a list of international television channels, allowing foreign language students to watch current shows, news broadcasts, or sports matches in their respective language of study.


The goal is to create a comfortable environment that facilitates a free flow of dialog between student and tutors outside of the classroom. The Language Lab is open around the clock and no appointment is necessary. Students are encouraged to utilize the lab as a resource for homework assistance or even to ask quick questions about language syntax.


Online Language-Learning Resources
Online language-learning materials and aids will benefit anyone seeking to flesh out their language-learning experience. Flashcards, online games and exercises, and dictionaries are valuable resources for beginning students who need extra vocabulary and grammar practice, as well as helpful references for students digesting advanced reading and listening sources. Visit the resources page to access a list of online language-learning resources.