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Academic Forms

Please click the title of the form below to open it in a printable PDF file. All forms should be submitted to the Office of Records, Monday - Friday, 8am - 4:30pm.
The Office of Records email address is:



Parent/Proxy Access

Parent/Proxy Access to a student’s Banner Web account: This allows a student to permit a proxy to access designated information in Banner (grades, financial aid, account balance, not email). Please click the link above for further explanation.



Enrollment Verification and Good Student Discount Certificates  

These are generated through a student’s Bannerweb account. These certificates provide proof of past, current, and future enrollment commonly required by health and auto insurers as well as scholarship organizations. They also provide verification of meeting the criteria for the good student discount. The new online process will immediately produce the certificate as a PDF document that can be saved, printed, and/or emailed as needed. Please read the instructions found at the link above and then access your Bannerweb account to obtain your certificate.

Now that we are able to provide this free service online, the Office of Records will no longer be processing requests for letters of enrollment or good student discounts.



Dropping, Adding, or Changing Courses  

Students should use this form to make any course/schedule changes (dropping, adding or changing to/from Pass Fail).



Request for Letter of Good Standing/Transient  

Current students should submit this form to request approval for receiving transfer credit at Covenant College for courses taken at another college. This form should be submitted to the Office of Records before you register for class(es) at the other college.  Please allow 7-10 business days for evaluation and processing. 



Change of Academic Program/Advisor  

Students should use this form to declare or change any of the following: Major, Minor, Concentrations, Catalog Year, and/or Advisor 



Change of Name/Address Form  

Please use this form to update your contact information. The Office of Records will make these changes in Covenant’s Banner System.



Degree Evaluation Features on Banner Web  

Current students should access these features to track their progress toward fulfilling the core and major requirements for their declared major, minor and/or concentration. In addition, these features allow students to explore options for switching to a different major or adding a minor.



Incomplete Grade Request Form  

Current students should use this contract form to request an incomplete grade for a class. Please document the terms of the completion agreement and have it signed by the instructor of the course.



Commencement Participation Petition  

Please use this form if you will lack 1 requirement for graduation but you desire to participate in the May commencement ceremony.



RE-ENTERING STUDENT APPLICATION:  If you have been enrolled at Covenant within the past year (have not missed more than 1 semester), please contact the Office of Records to reactivate your student status. If you have not been enrolled in the past year, please contact the Admissions Office to re-apply.

Cassie Wood

“My fields of study are equipping me to better understand and help other people. Additionally, Covenant has prepared me with a worldview and framework based on Scripture which will help me as I pursue careers in secular, difficult places.”
  - Cassee Wood '22

Avery Patz '22

“Covenant is equipping me with the critical thinking skills I need to generally succeed in and make sense of life. The classes I’m taking are directly relevant to my career options and are truly engaging. Covenant’s curriculum is rigorous and the expectations are high, but I feel well-prepared to enter the workforce.”
  - Avery Patz '22