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Lilly Smith ’19

Lilly Smith `19 headshot Year/Major: Lilly Graduated in 2019 as a Biology Major
Occupation: Doctorate Student at NC State School of Veterinary Medicine
Interests: Running, Hiking, Camping, and traveling to beautiful places

Last summer, Lilly participated in a Milk and Safety research study in Kisumu, Kenya. Her work centered around finding health risks in milk production. More specifically, Lilly was looking at how practices in rural milk production impacted milk and health safety in urban areas where the milk may be consumed.

“What I wrote my [Senior Integration Project] on kind of hit the intersection between animal, environmental, and human health. I do think that the way that Covenant has done education has shown me the interconnection between science that impacts all the areas.”

Being a biology major is certainly no easy feat. Lilly commented that the rigorous academics helped her feel prepared for her work. In particular, she remembers how Dr. Zuidema required his students to read many scientific research papers, which at the time was not something she appreciated. However, now as Lilly produces doctorate level work, she appreciates the intensity of his curriculum that has helped her feel capable of quality academic writing.

Outside of academics, Lilly appreciated how Covenant shaped her thoughts on how to travel to different countries and experience unique cultures with an open mind. While in Kenya, Lilly indebted much of her ability to build different relationships with people and experience diverse areas of Kenya to her time on the cross country team.

At this point, Lilly has many different opportunities to pursue. Her passion for One Health—the ways that animal, human, and environmental health intersect—may lead her to work involving issues of food safety, antimicrobial resistance, zoonotic disease, etc. However, she acknowledged that the veterinary field is extremely broad and many different types of work within that area appeal to her.

“My research this summer was a great opportunity to gain experience in this area, and I am still on a journey to learn about roles in a variety of settings such as public health agencies, clinical practice, research, regulatory medicine, and more. In a year and a half I plan to graduate and will head in one direction, but the exciting thing about this career is that I could do something very different down the road.”

Lilly Smith working in a lab
Lilly Smith talking to local man

Graduate School of Education

Undergraduate Departments, Majors, Minors, Certificates, Concentrations, and Programs

Academic Certificates

  • Arts Administration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability
  • Journalism and Society
  • Medical Ethics Consultation
  • Neuroscience
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


  • Art, 2-D Concentration 
  • Art, 3-D Concentration 
  • Art, Art History Concentration 
  • Art, Graphic Design Concentration 
  • Art, Photography Concentration 
  • Art minor
  • Art History minor

Biblical & Theological Studies

  • Biblical & Theological Studies 
  • Biblical & Theological Studies, Missions Concentration 
  • Biblical & Theological Studies minor
  • Biblical Languages minor
  • History of Christianity minor
  • Missions minor
  • Youth Ministry minor


  • Biology, Biomedical Concentration 
  • Biology, Environmental Concentration 
  • Biology, General 
  • Biology, Health Professions Concentration 
  • Biology minor


  • Business 
  • Business, Accounting Concentration 
  • Business, Finance Concentration 
  • Business, Marketing Concentration 
  • Sport Management 
  • Business minor
  • Sport Management minor


  • Chemistry, Biochemistry Concentration 
  • Chemistry, General 
  • Biochemistry minor
  • Chemistry minor

Community Development

  • Community Development 
  • Community Development minor

Computer Science

  • Computer Science 
  • Computer Science minor


  • Economics 
  • Economics minor


  • Education Studies 
  • Elementary Education (P-5) 
  • Secondary Education Certifications through MAT program 
  • Education minor

Engineering 3:2 Program

  • Natural Science, Pre-Engineering Studies Concentration


  • English 
  • English, Writing Concentration 
  • English minor
  • Writing minor

Health, Wellness and Coaching

  • Coaching minor

History, Politics, and International Studies

  • History 
  • History, Art History Concentration 
  • Political Science 
  • International Studies 
  • History minor
  • Political Science minor

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Interdisciplinary Studies with Concentrations 


  • Mathematics 
  • Mathematics minor


  • Music, Church Music Concentration 
  • Music, Creative Studies Concentration 
  • Music, General Music Concentration 
  • Music, Instrumental Performance Concentration 
  • Music, Music Education (Pre-MAT) Concentration 
  • Music, Organ Performance Concentration 
  • Music, Piano Pedagogy Concentration 
  • Music, Piano Performance Concentration 
  • Music, Vocal Performance Concentration 
  • Music minor


  • Philosophy 
  • Philosophy minor


  • Physics 
  • Physics minor

Pre-Professional Programs

  • Pre-Law Studies 
  • Pre-Medical Studies 
  • Pre-Nursing Studies 
  • Pre-Physical Therapy Studies 


  • Psychology 
  • Psychology minor


  • Sociology 
  • Sociology, Family Studies & Social Work Concentration 
  • Sociology minor


  • Theatre minor

World Languages

  • French 
  • Spanish 
  • French minor
  • Spanish minor