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Scots in Their Majors: Javan Fales ’25

For some students, figuring out a career goal is a long process which is determined by the courses they take. For others, goals are set early that determine the courses taken. For political science and economics double major Javan Fales ’25, constitutional law has been the goal that’s guided his path.

Fales was attracted to the idea of pursuing a career in Constitutional Law out of a desire to rectify mismanagement he saw in the American political system. He found that the political science major would give him a greater understanding of the political system and put him on a track to law school and case law, which he hopes will allow him to argue cases of political relevance in front of the Supreme Court.

As for the economics major, Fales believes that the studies there will supplement him as he pursues a career in law or politics. He hopes that the training that the major will give him will prevent him from making mistakes if he ends up in office. As political science is his focus, economics is meant to supplement.

Fales has found the discussion of politics and current issues in his major to be similar to what he expected going into the political science major, and he has enjoyed the debates he’s had in his classes. He has been surprised, however, that much of the discussion in his classes have been based more on observation than theory.

Overall, Fales has appreciated his experiences with the political science and economics departments. While certain schools of thought and teaching methods have surprised him, he has enjoyed the departments. He has found his macroeconomics class to be especially useful.

As a political science and economics dual major, Fales has enjoyed the ability to do the things he cares about within the discipline. “I’m doing what I love. I love debate. I love discussing issues that are very relevant, and I love trying to solve the problems that face society,” Fales said.

He has found that his faith is foundational to his understanding of political science. When speaking of the connection between the understanding of Christianity and his understanding of political science, Fales used the example of the founding of the United States. “The reason why we have a system of checks and balances in our government is because the Founding Fathers understood that all humanity is fallen and everyone is evil. We can’t trust any one person to run our government,” Fales said.

Outside of his political science and economics study, Fales’s favorite class is Choral. He enjoys singing, writing, reading, board games, and baseball. An enthusiast of all things Medieval, he is self-trained in Historical European martial arts and swordplay and owns a full suit of armor.

This article originally appeared in the Feb. 25, 2022 issue of The Bagpipe.

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