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Alumni News

News and features on Covenant's alumni.


Covenant softball team in action
April 1, 2021
While the Covenant Scots were unable to compete this fall due to COVID-19 restrictions, we're back this spring playing as hard as ever! Here are some highlights from the spring season.
Dr. Jiewon Baek
April 1, 2021
Covenant offers classes in American Sign Language, French, German, and Spanish.
Engineering classroom at Covenant College
February 25, 2021
The mission of the engineering program is to prepare students to transfer to an accredited engineering program after taking foundational math and science courses along with the Covenant College core classes.
Carter Hall at Covenant College
February 25, 2021
For more than 60 years, Covenant has faithfully pursued its mission of exploring and expressing the preeminence of Jesus Christ in all things.
Becky Greninger '90
February 19, 2021
"Though sometimes exhausting, it is such a privilege to be able to pour myself into these young students, showing them the wonders of God’s creation and pointing them to Christ as their ultimate hope."
Ila Casselberry '13
February 19, 2021
Ila mentioned her contraction of Lyme disease between her freshman and sophomore year at Covenant. She spent years being extremely ill and at times was unable to work due to battling pancreatitis, dysautonomia, and mast cell disease.
RiLee Herbert Robeson '06 and family
February 9, 2021
RiLee has stayed home with her two sons while working occasionally as a consultant and contractor providing editing and quality control support for various submissions to the FDA. She also recently began working part-time as the nursery coordinator at her family's local church.
Abi Ogle '18
February 9, 2021
"Pursuing a career as a full-time artist has been a lot of actively seeking to trust that the Lord will place me where I need to be, and He has been continuously faithful."
Hannah (Davidson) Carroll '17
February 9, 2021
"Three years ago I was looking to go back into teaching after spending a year on the missions field. I was planning to be at a school in Tennessee, but the Lord led me to look into the school where I am now, Restoration Academy. During the interview I knew it was where the Lord was calling me to be."