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Scots In the Field: Sport Management Students Work the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game

Students outside of Mercedes-Benz StadiumOn Saturday, September 3, several Covenant students studying sport management made a trip down to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta for the college football Chick-Fil-A Kickoff game where the Georgia Bulldogs took on the Oregon Ducks. Rather than cheering on from the stands, these students gained professional experience by working to help facilitate the game.

One of the students, Sydney Jones ’25, says, “The group from Covenant was put in charge of working the ‘50-50 Raffle’. This means that as a group, we were in charge of raising money for childhood cancer. It brought us out of our comfort zone. We had to walk up to people and try to sell the tickets.” By the end of the day Saturday, the students had helped raise over $30,000 and two of the students were top sellers during the game. 

Sydney described the atmosphere as incredible, saying, “We not only were able to watch the game from every section, but we got to talk to so many different fans and learn all about them. Of course, being a UGA fan, I was extremely excited to see the Dawgs win.” A passionate football fan, Sydney hopes to one day work in football recruiting and operations. “This was just a small glimpse of my future in football!” 

When asked how students received this opportunity, Sydney recalls, “At the beginning of the summer, our advisor, Professor Kourmoulis, emailed us about this opportunity. She explained how important it is to get every experience, even as small as this one, to build a resume. I am a huge Georgia fan, so of course I took the opportunity.” She recommends similar opportunities to anyone else who might be interested. “It was not only a learning experience, but I was also able to be around what I love and meet some pretty cool people.”

Students Selling Raffle Tickets

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