Residence Life FAQ

How is housing assigned? When will I find out who I'm living with and where we're living?

Your admissions representative will direct you to the online New Student Portal to complete; one of these forms is your Housing Request Form. We review each of these housing forms individually, so please fill yours out thoroughly. A committee of residence life staff members (who know the current students and the hall dynamics) and the admissions representatives (who know the new students the best) will make roommate and housing assignments. You should find out your housing assignment via e-mail in June, so please be checking your Covenant account.


What are the housing options for upperclassmen?

Covenant College residence halls have mixed housing, with upperclassmen living alongside underclassmen. We appreciate the mentoring and presence that many juniors and seniors provide to freshmen and sophomores in the halls. Many students choose to stay on the same floor all four years they are at Covenant.

Because we believe so strongly in our residence life program and the education that takes place outside of the classroom, we require students to live on campus for their first three years at Covenant. Student Apartments are also available on campus as another upperclassman housing option.


Who are the "RDs"?

Resident directors are full-time professionals who live in each residence hall and are responsible for the daily management of the hall, as well as assisting the residents in their college living experience. Get to know the RDs.


What is an "RA"?

The RD staff supervises a team of student leaders selected as resident assistants. RAs are upperclassmen whose job it is to assist residents in their adjustment to college. Get to know the RAs.


May I have appliances and electronics in my room?

You may have a small refrigerator and/or microwave, as well as entertainment and computer equipment. No other cooking appliances are allowed, including hot plates, toaster ovens, George Foreman grills, and woks.


Is Internet service available in my room?

Wireless Internet is available in each residence hall room and in most areas across campus. You need to provide your own computer, or you may use one of the many computers available for student use in each residence hall lab and other academic buildings.


May I bring pets?

Only aquatic animals are allowed and must be kept in an aquarium in your residence hall room.


May I personalize my room?

You are encouraged to personalize your room. However, you may not use tape, tacks, nails, screws, or any other adhesive that will damage the facilities or is difficult to remove. "Sticky-Tac" and "Command-Release" strips are allowed. Some students use tension rods to hang curtains, although all rooms are equipped with blinds. Rugs and carpet remnants are popular in rooms with VCT flooring. Lofts are not allowed, but beds may be bunked. No painting is allowed, and all room furniture must remain in the room.


What size sheets do I need for my bed?

All beds require twin, extra-long sheets.


What are some other things that I should bring?

Click here for a list of suggested things to bring from A-Z.


Kateland Godat

“It’s great to have a built in group of friends the moment you step on campus. Those girls are there for you from the very beginning. The upperclassmen are there for you in anything to help you out or show you around. I love my hall this year. We have all gotten super close, and I can count on them for anything. I remember sitting in a hall meeting and thinking how unconditionally this diverse group of girls loved each other and how hard a group like that is to find.”
 - Kateland Godat '19

Brittany Stout

“I love, love, love my hall! I met these girls my first week of school and each of them have had a continuing impact on my life in various ways throughout this year. My particular hall this year had a really cool range of ages and majors... This group of girls (most of them returners to the hall) have welcomed me in since day one and have made me feel so loved and included.”
 - Brittany Stout '18