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Residence Life FAQ

How is housing assigned? When will I find out who I'm living with and where we're living?

Your admissions representative will direct you to the online New Student Portal to complete; one of these forms is your Housing Request Form. We review each of these housing forms individually, so please fill yours out thoroughly. A committee of residence life staff members (who know the current students and the hall dynamics) and the admissions representatives (who know the new students the best) will make roommate and housing assignments. You should find out your housing assignment via email in June, so please be checking your Covenant account.


What are the housing options for upperclassmen?

Covenant College residence halls have mixed housing, with upperclassmen living alongside underclassmen. We appreciate the mentoring and presence that many juniors and seniors provide to freshmen and sophomores in the halls. Many students choose to stay on the same floor all four years they are at Covenant.

  • Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors are required to live in the Residence Halls. Student apartments are available to upperclassmen students. Students with 90+ hours or who have completed 6 semesters on campus are permitted to live off campus.


Who are the "RDs"?

Resident directors are full-time professionals who live in each residence hall and are responsible for the daily management of the hall, as well as assisting the residents in their college living experience. Get to know the RDs.


What are the "RAs"?

The RD staff supervises a team of student leaders selected as resident assistants. RAs are upperclassmen whose job it is to assist residents in their adjustment to college. Get to know the RAs.


May I have appliances and electronics in my room?

You may have a small refrigerator, electric kettle, and/or microwave, as well as entertainment and computer equipment. No other cooking appliances are allowed, including hot plates, toaster ovens, and grills.


Is Internet service available in my room?

Wireless Internet is available in each residence hall room and in most areas across campus. You are encouraged to provide your own computer. There are limited computers available in the residence halls and other academic buildings.


Are there printers available?

There is a printer available in each residence hall and other academic buildings.


May I bring pets?

Only fish are allowed and must be kept in a 10 gallon or less aquarium in your residence hall room.


Can I loft my bed?

While beds cannot be lofted, many beds on campus are adjustable. If you would like to raise your bed, you may purchase bed risers.


May I personalize my room?

You are encouraged to personalize your room. However, there are specific guidelines per building of what types of hanging materials are permitted. See the Residence Hall Manual for further details.


What size sheets do I need for my bed?

All beds require twin, extra-long sheets.


What are some other things that I should bring?

Click here for a list of suggested things to bring from A-Z.


What Meal Plans are offered?

  • Residence Halls- Required to have a full meal plan

  • Student Apartments- Meal Plan optional

  • Off-Campus- Meal Plan optional


Partial Meal Plans


Is there a curfew?

No.  Students are encouraged to be in their residence hall by 12am (Sunday through Thursday) or by 1am (Friday and Saturday). Covenant does not have a check-in/check-out policy, so students are encouraged to leave contact and travel information with a friend. We want all students to make sure that someone back on campus is aware of their plans when they are leaving campus for an extended period of time.


What are open hall hours?

Students are not permitted to visit another hall of the opposite gender outside of open hall times. Men and Women may visit each others halls during the following open hall hours:

  • Friday 6-11pm
  • Saturday 5-11pm
  • Sunday 1-5pm


Hallie-Blair Quatro

“I believe that residence life is vital to the entire college experience, and I am blessed to have had an amazing and encouraging hall my first year at Covenant. My hallmates and the students here have a mature and healthy approach towards academics, and I have been reminded daily that you are first and foremost a student at Covenant. My hall and the residence life in Carter has encouraged me in many ways, especially in my academics, and has given me the space and time that I need to be able to do my best work each day.”
 - Hallie-Blair Quatro '21

Avery Patz

“I love hall life here! I’ve stayed on one hall (Harambe!, woot woot) for three years so far and have loved doing life with these ladies. Late night shenanigans, dance parties, prayer and praise, and outdoor study sessions are frequent, and these girls are the absolute best company for it!”
 - Avery Patz '22