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Student Apartments at Covenant College

Student Apartments

The Student Apartments are a unique residential community at Covenant College. Made up of upperclassmen students, the apartments provide a great combination of community and independence. The apartments consist of two two-person bedrooms, a living room, and a full kitchen. Students are not required to be on a meal plan when living there, and many apartment residents relish the opportunity to prepare their meals themselves. Apartment residents also have extended open hall hour privileges.


Whether you are student teaching, participating in an internship, or on a regular academic program, apartment residents find the independence helps prepare them for "real life" after college, while still allowing them an intentional community to be a part of. Potlucks, bonfires, pig roasts and prayer and praises are planned to encourage community and spiritual growth.


Whether it is getting to know other residents in your neighborhood with whom you've never connected before, or deepening already existing relationships with the folks who share your apartment, you'll have plenty of opportunities to be in community with each other living in the Student Apartments.