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Dora Maclellan Brown Memorial Chapel

The Dora Maclellan Brown Memorial Chapel and Fine Arts Building was completed in 1978. The white cross on the front of the building is approximately 67 feet high and is made of Tennessee marble. It represents to the community the Christ-centered vision of the College.


The chapel auditorium is located on the main floor and seats 800. Regular chapel services, lectures, musical and theatre performances, and other large events are held in the chapel.


The chapel also houses the music department, including classrooms, practice rooms, and faculty and staff offices.


The Maclellan family funded most of the chapel building, which is named in memory of their aunt, Dora Maclellan Brown, who was a local Sunday school teacher for over 35 years.


The stained glass windows are a major focal point in the chapel auditorium. The windows graphically display the constancy of God's love for His own, as depicted throughout Scripture.


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