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Carter Hall - autumn view


Our Location

Lookout Mountain

On the border between Georgia and Tennessee, our beautiful 400-acre campus stretches atop Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Lookout Mountain boasts incredible vistas of the Smoky Mountains and views that span across seven states.


Our remarkable campus setting offers an idyllic mountaintop experience while our close proximity to Chattanooga, Tennessee, keeps students grounded and offers a strong variety of opportunities that complement classroom learning. 



Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga was named one of “The 45 Places to Go in 2012” by The New York Times, placing twenty-fifth on a list that included Tokyo, Wales, and outer space. Armed with the fastest internet speed in the country, Chattanooga emerged onto the national scene and was recognized by US Ignite as a model for what high-speed internet does for a community. 


Just 15 minutes from campus, Chattanooga’s healthy business community and nationally recognized outdoor lifestyle make the city a prime place for students and recent graduates to make connections and gain invaluable internship experience, while enjoying the fun and affordability of Chattanooga’s thriving downtown.


The Vibrant Southeast

Covenant College is within a day’s drive of a significant portion of the eastern United States, and within 2 hours of the major cities of Atlanta, Nashville, and Birmingham.


Covenant map of the Southeast US


Outdoor Recreation

The varied terrain of the region offers great recreational opportunities. From extreme sports such as rock climbing, hang-gliding, and white-water rafting, to more conventional activities like hiking and camping, outdoor fun at Covenant is limited only by the imagination!