Cultural Diversity


At Covenant, we have always recognized the important contributions to our campus community made by individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Our diverse student body—comprised of minority students, international students, and children of missionaries—promises you a culturally enriching experience.


Cultural Diversity Program

The Cultural Diversity Program brings together students of diverse backgrounds to share their cultural experiences with the Covenant community. The program is coordinated by the associate dean of students for student life and seven upperclassmen student leaders who seek to support and invest in each individual through various means.


The mission of the students in the program is to seek to become global Christians who identify with other cultures by first gaining an understanding of the biblical mandates regarding the nature of God's kingdom and using their skills, knowledge, dispositions, and values to serve effectively in a pluralistic world. They also seek to lovingly and faithfully support and invest in students of diverse backgrounds as they enter into and continue to be a part of the Covenant community.

The program addresses the entire well-being of every student through a range of student-driven activities, including:


  • regular fellowship
  • bowling nights
  • dinner and a movie nights
  • speakers
  • student-led chapel programs
  • Culture Fest: an annual celebration featuring various ethnic, linguistic and cultural styles of singing, dancing and dress, and concluding with a rich feast of international foods


Cultural Diversity Grant

Part of the richness of a Covenant College education comes from the diversity of its students, mirroring the varied texture of the world God has created. Because we believe so strongly in the significance of diversity within our campus culture, we offer special grants to minority and international students.


Mu Kappa Club

Mu Kappa (the club's name is derived from the letters M and K for Missionary Kid) is a student-led club under the oversight of the Cultural Diversity Program. Originally begun as a ministry to MKs on campus, it now extends to anyone who has lived overseas or is interested in missions and has a heart for other cultures. Mu Kappa seeks to provide an environment that is open and comfortable, in which students can build relationships, gain support and encouragement, enjoy spending time together, and serve others as a community here on campus.


African American Fellowship (AAF)

AAF is a student-led club under the oversight of the Cultural Diversity Program. It gives students a chance to interact and identify with other African Americans to discuss various issues, such as how they are doing personally, as well as any difficulties they are having. AAF desires to be more than just another clique, but rather a true fellowship which looks out for one another while fully engaging and serving in the greater Covenant and Chattanooga communities.


For more information, contact:

Sarah Ocando, Associate Dean of Students

Larissa Lira Santos

“The strong community, and fellowship in the Lord in an academic environment certainly impacted my decision towards the college. Covenant also seemed to be more interested in the individual than the financial aspect, which sets them apart from other colleges. Students are treated as people and not numbers. Not to mention it’s like living in a castle in the clouds, who wouldn’t want that?”
 - Larissa Lira Santos '19

Covenant's student body represents 44 states and 16 countries

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