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Student Support

Supporting Students in the Multicultural Program

In addition to the numerous support services and resources offered to all students at Covenant College, the Multicultural Program works to provide additional support and care for multicultural students. We understand the complicated and exciting nature of existing in multiple cultures. It is the aim of the Multicultural Program to simultaneously ease the burden of transitions and celebrate the joy of multicultural experiences and perspectives for the students who participate. 


  • Peer Mentoring:  All students are given the opportunity to meet with upperclassmen who will invest in them and introduce them to life at Covenant College. See our list of Multicultural Program leaders to get in touch with a potential mentor! 


  • Multicultural Bible Study and Worship Nights: The Multicultural program coordinates opportunities for Bible study with students from various cultural backgrounds. We also offer a once-a-semester worship night which is coordinated by student leaders and involves worship in various languages.


  • International Student Seminars: These seminars are opportunities for international students to fellowship and receive information about visa maintenance, cultural adjustment and other helpful information.


  • International Student Visa Support: Support is given from the Primary Designated School Official, Rodney Miller on staying in status with the Department of Homeland Security.