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Student Clubs

Clubs & Organizations

We strive to glorify God in all that we do, and clubs and organizations are no exception. The majority of a student’s time at Covenant College will be spent outside of the classroom, so it is important to take advantage of all the wonderful co-curricular opportunities and activities one will find at Covenant. This includes opportunities for growth, opportunities for friendship, and opportunities for leadership. Campus clubs and organizations are vital to Covenant and help further growth and fellowship here on campus. Students with new ideas and passions are regularly adding new clubs and may contact Student Senate to join an existing club or to express an interest in starting a new club.


List of Student Clubs & Organizations

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Club Leader: Eden Anyabwile

Purpose Statement: The purpose of art club is to serve the student body by providing an outlet of expression, stress relief, and joy.


Club Leader: Sarah Dreher

Purpose Statement: The Bagpipe will help the Covenant student body be aware of current events and issues in the communities around them in a way that is truthful, accurate, and fair. We will produce relevant articles that allow students to make informed opinions and choices.


Club Leader: Emily Braswell

Purpose Statement: The business club's purpose is to expose Covenant students to business outside the context of the classroom by bringing speakers to campus or going into Chattanooga or other cities to learn about business


Club Leader: Meagan Schroeder

Purpose Statement: We believe we need a place to foster intentional, campus wide community - and the place we seek to create is student led fellowship open to all to worship, pray and share together.


Club Leader: Zoe Kiratzis

Purpose Statement: The Campus Stewardship Committee raises awareness and seeks solutions for environmental issues on the Covenant College campus and in the Lookout Mountain and Chattanooga communities. The Committee seeks to become a forum for advocacy on environmental issues, comprised of (10-15) members from the student body, faculty, and administration


Club Leader: Josiah Moore

Purpose Statement: The climbing club’s purpose is to allow students to experience a new form of adventure some of them may or may not have experienced before. This will be helpful to people in facing their fears and realizing they can overcome mental barriers in other areas of life as well. The club also gives them a unique ability to be amongst a really diverse group of people that are a lot of fun and do not always hang out together.


Club Leaders: Nathan Fredere, Hannah Haebig

Purpose Statement: The Debate Club exists to help Covenant students improve their ability to communicate effectively, through practicing here at Covenant and competing in the region against other colleges. Debate also encourages an awareness of current events and fosters an attitude of thoughtfulness and problem-solving.


Club Leader: Martin Landazuri


Club Leader: Emily Cothran

Purpose Statement: The Drama Association seeks to establish a connection between the student body and the Theatre Department. Ultimately we seek to provide ways in which students can participate and get involved in the Theatre program as well as explore various aspects of theatre that otherwise would not be vailable to them.


Club Leaders: Hannah Groenendyk, Cammie Messer

Purpose Statement: The mission of Covenant College’s Economics Club is to 1. Promote unity and fellowship within the department and 2. To supplement classroom learning by providing speakers, discussions, conferences, and other events that seek to educate members on topics related to Economics that cannot be fully covered in the classroom.


Club Leader: David Codington

Purpose Statement: To use emergency medical response as an avenue to serve as Christ first served us at Covenant and the surrounding community and to promote safety for students on campus through the following objectives.


Club Leader: Mark Alexander

Purpose Statement: We desire to foster fellowship between members of the student body by enjoying games (both video games and board games) together. Our hope is to reach students who share an interest in games in order to help them feel welcome in the Covenant College community.


Club Leader: Leah Smith


Club Leader: Tacy Snyder

Purpose Statement: The History Club exists to encourage student body engagement with the discipline of history and its relevance for our lives. It serves both majors and non-majors through events such as lectures, field trips, service projects, and movie nights.


Club Leader: David Gaffin

Purpose Statement: Laugh Track is Covenant College's Improv team. We seek to provide entertainment for the body of Covenant College.


Club Leader: Tobin Smith

Purpose Statement: The Linguistics Club exists to engage students in linguistic-related endeavors outside of the classroom, to demonstrate the value of linguistic study through application in daily life, and to promote the glory of God through affirming languages and language skills of all image-bearers.


Club Leaders: Marcus Dorsey, Lesley Hill

Purpose Statement: The club is designed to bring African-American students together to share the richness and complexity of African-American culture with the Covenant campus.


Club Leader: Isabel Gregoire

Purpose Statement: The purpose of Mu Kappa is to create a sense of home away from home for those cross-cultural students who find themselves with ambiguous cultural identity split between host culture and home culture (missionary kids, military kids, DODs, and others). This is accomplished through fellowship & prayer accompanied by food (which brings everyone together everywhere always!!).


Club Leader: Mallory Harmon

Purpose Statement: The goal of the Outdoors Club is to introduce and acclimate Covenant students to the great outdoors and give them the opportunity to experience creation with each other. Outdoors Club members form strong connections through character-building experiences, from sharing a simple day hike to embarking on a three-day backpacking trip or white water rafting tour, and are developing skills in survival and team work.


Club Leader: Sam Miller

Purpose Statement: Our goal is to encourage Chrisitan intellectual growth and conversation by: cultivating an atmosphere conducive to casual philosophical discourse, establishing a vibrant philosophically inclined community on campus, and exploring the relationship between faith and philosophy in a peer-led space.


Club Leaders: Luke Cary, Zander Stewart

Purpose Statement: Our purpose is to give students an opportunity to grow in understanding in the field of robotics, and to apply this knowledge by learning technological and mechanical skills to solve various problems through collaboration.


Club Leaders: Emily Brauer, Tad Binkley

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Covenant College Rugby Club is to provide an outlet for students to glorify God through the competition of sport. Our goal is also to see these students form relationships with one another and to build camaraderie as a group. Matches held on campus serve as an event for students who do not participate in this club to learn more about the sport, while also allowing them to socialize and meet new students. Finally, we act as a light to other schools whom we compete against, serving as ambassadors for Christ through our actions on and off the field.


Club Leader: William Snuggs

Purpose Statement: The Spanish Club exists to provide the Covenant College community with a safe place for - Spanish speakers and Spanish students to converse in Spanish. As a Student Organization the Spanish club seeks to connect Spanish speakers from different backgrounds, to explore the beauty found in this language, and to make the Covenant community aware of the presence of Spanish in our campus. Spanish club also exists to serve the nearby community in whatever way possible when the occasion if given


Club Leader:

Purpose Statement: Our purpose is to raise awareness about human trafficking, host fundraisers to raise money for anti-trafficking organizations, and a select few of us will participate in more hands-on activities such as making gift bags and other outreach items.


Club Leader: Eden Anyabwile

Purpose Statement: The Tartan, official yearbook of the Student Association of Covenant College, is an avenue for creative visual production of photography and journalism. Its publication should reveal the many faces of Covenant in order to provide an accurate accounting of each year’s uniqueness. Additionally, it should seek to represent the positive aspects of the Covenant body and exemplify the purpose statement of the college, “In all things, Christ preeminent,” in the manner that it is produced.


Club Leader: Sara LoPiccolo

Purpose Statement: The Thorn/Poetry Club provides a space for students to talk about poetry outside a classroom setting and encourages students to better themselves in the practice of the craft should they desire.


Club Leader: Olivia Hokrein

Purpose Statement: To assemble a group of like-minded students and dive deeper into investigating and enjoying the Lord’s creation on a biological level.


Club Leader: Luke Cary

Purpose Statement: Covenant Ultimate provides opportunities for engagement in the sport of Ultimate and encourages student participation in the Ultimate community as witnesses for Christ and upstanding sportspeople.


Club Leader: Susan Anderson


Club Leader: Mary Brooke Diamond

Purpose Statement: To give the students another fun and joyful opportunity to get active and fuel their bodies, while still being able to interact with other students and inviting the community as well as a unique was to work out (if they do not enjoy the usual running, elliptical, etc.)


Be Global

Covenant encourages students to pursue cross-­cultural experiences to better understand and appreciate the world around them and the myriad of cultures in which God is at work, including their own.

Day of Prayer photos

At Covenant, we work hard and challenge ourselves in our academic endeavors, but our community always gives glory to God for our successes. Check out photos from Covenant's bi-annual Day of Prayer sunrise service at nearby Rock City.