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Housing Assignments Process

Read the housing assignments process guidelines for Fall 2018 returning students  


The Covenant Community

Life on our beautiful campus atop Georgia’s Lookout Mountain can’t be described with just words or pictures. You need to experience it.


When you move into one of our residence halls or student apartments, you’ll enjoy pickup basketball games, join in impromptu concerts, and develop lifelong friendships with students on your floor, such as Catacombs or Third South. The residence halls are where you will explore your faith in ways you simply can’t in a classroom. And it’s where some of your best Covenant memories will be made.


Residence Halls and Student Apartments

Living in a residence hall at Covenant is going to be a new experience for you. So you’ll need to be properly equipped with a new vocabulary. Here’s a translation…

  • Brethren, Halcyon, and Ithaca are a few of our 35 residence halls, each with its own distinct flavor, identity, and traditions.
  • RA stands for Resident Assistant, an upperclassman who lives on your floor, guides you in your transition to college life, and may end up being one of your best friends.
  • O-Team is the Orientation Team, whose mission is to make sure that all new students get the support, answers, and advice they need upon moving to Covenant.


There is never a shortage of fun and excitement at Covenant. The residence halls are a perfect example of this. Imagine…


  • Joining your roommates in an elaborate Christmas decorating contest for Carter Christmas
  • Decorating your hall for Down in Andreas
  • Settling in with popcorn at Mac Movie Night
  • Putting the final touches on your theme for Around Founders


Residence Life staff organize social, spiritual, and educational events and focus on building relationships. They’re readily available to listen, answer challenging questions, and serve you.

Upperclassmen have the option of living in on-campus apartments, which are two-bedroom/one-bath duplexes that usually house four people.


You can learn about other on-campus resources such as dining services, technology, and health services in the Student Resources section.



“Covenant’s hall life allows you to be involved in something that is bigger than yourself. You will never have an opportunity to live with 30 guys your age and share your life, struggles, and joys together. It’s a beautiful thing that reflects God’s work in our lives.”
 - Ben Hooper '17

“I love, love, love my hall! I met these girls my first week of school and each of them have had a continuing impact on my life in various ways throughout this year. My particular hall this year had a really cool range of ages and majors... This group of girls (most of them returners to the hall) have welcomed me in since day one and have made me feel so loved and included.”
 - Brittany Stout '18
Student Growth through Residence Life | Jonathan Ingraham '07
Jonathan remembers his experience as a student in Maclellan Hall and reflects on the importance of residence life for Covenant