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Academic Centers at Covenant College

Centers & Support Services

A Strong Sense of Support.

Without a doubt, the learning environment at Covenant is challenging. We expect a lot from our students. And that’s a big reason why we are consistently ranked by U.S. News & World Report among the best regional colleges in the South.


So, it only makes sense for our students to have equally lofty expectations of us. And they do.


Whether it’s helping you understand your calling, developing an ideal study strategy, or offering guidance on how to best outline a research paper, as a student at Covenant you will enjoy an array of academic support services.


Center for Calling & Career
From your very first year at Covenant, you will engage in a career development program designed to help you explore your values and interests, find your calling in life, and craft a four-year academic and extracurricular plan that will get you there.


The Writing Center
The Writing Center is a popular resource for students looking for assistance in understanding a writing assignment, identifying a topic, planning and organizing a paper, writing, revising, and editing.


The Math Center
The Math Center provides students with expert and friendly assistance with math courses and with math used in other courses.


The Language Lab
The Language Lab simulates an immersion experience as students engage in conversation with and are assisted by experienced tutors. 


Center for Student Success
Services include peer and faculty tutoring, personal advising, and support for learning disabilities.


Other Centers and Support Services

Other academic support services and centers at Covenant include academic counseling, career counseling, study skills enhancement, and the Chalmers Center.